Shine your light down new paths. 

Employers and researchers increasingly recognize the importance of bridging traditional science disciplines to address the complex challenges we face today. With a solid foundation in the natural science disciplines, you’ll be well prepared for graduate school or to pursue a career in the life sciences or medicine, or advanced studies in subjects like biomedical engineering or epidemiology.

Natural Science Career Paths

Lawrentians go on to pursue careers in research, education, health professions, biotechnology, science journalism, public health, physiology, ecology, and science policy, life science, medicine. 

They can also earn advanced degrees in the natural sciences, microbiology, geochemistry, geophysics, chemical physics, biomechanics, and biophysics, biomedical engineering and epidemiology.

Examples of recent employers

  • Argonne National Lab
  • Boeing
  • Cambridge Major Labs
  • MilliporeSigma

Examples of recent graduate programs

  • Columbia
  • Michigan Tech
  • Vanderbilt 
  • Duke
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