Language is only the starting point for the French and Francophone studies program.

Language opens the door to a world of cultural competencies, intellectual ideas, history, literature, and culture that make up the French-speaking world. Your journey begins with foundational language courses, leading you to courses that explore a deeper understanding of the complex politics and culture of the Francophone world. Spend some time away from campus studying in France, Québec, or Senegal to gain hands-on cultural competence, and cap off your experience with self-designed senior research to explore a topic that sums up your Lawrence experience.

Tamima Tabishat ’20 takes in a view overlooking Rabat, Morocco.

Student Perspective

“I chose to study in Dakar to improve my French-speaking skills and to work on my senior project...Chantal takes me with her to markets, family gatherings and church services, which have all been very enriching experiences.”

Tamima Tabishat ’20
Global Studies
Monmouth, Illinois

French flag waving in the wind.

Women Writing in French

Seeking to uncover lives that had remained largely hidden, women writing in French have revealed and shared their innermost desires and frustrations. French and francophone women writers have braved ostracism to question their identity and their relationship to family and society.

From language to literature, explore all facets of Francophone culture.

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Meet the experts who comprise the French and Francophone Studies faculty.

LU students on an excursion to Lac Rose

Francophone Seminar in Senegal

Take 10 weeks of language courses in French and Wolof at the Baobab Center in Dakar to expand your understanding of Francophone culture off-campus. Experience lectures on West African literature, history, art, religion, and contemporary culture along with basic Wolof lessons, music lessons (on traditional Senegalese instruments), dance lessons, and travel.

Students chat near Lake Michigan at Bjorklunden

Chatting outside the classroom

Attending meetings of the French Table is an important facet of the major, as it helps develop your conversational skills. Attending a French language immersion weekend at Björklunden is another great way to practice your proficiency.

The Chandler Senior Experience

Your Senior Experience consists of a one-term senior seminar in which possible research topics are defined and outlined, culminating in a written thesis and an oral, in-class presentation of your work. Other types of research projects and interdisciplinary capstones in French may meet the requirement, which you can discuss with the department chair and your advisor. 

Recent Senior Experiences include:

  • L’Éducation musicale aux écoles primaires : un outil de la propagande pendant la Première et Deuxième Guerre Mondiales
  • La Continuation de la Mission Civilisatrice : Les ONG aux frontières du néocolonialisme
  • Débinariser le français : la subversion du genre normatif comme façon de s’exprimer
  • Colette, Minne et Bourdieu : l’Ingénue Libertine et le Féminisme de la Belle-Époque
Aerial photo of Paris and the Eiffle Tower

French & Francophone Studies Outcomes

Learning a language and culture opens you up to a whole new world of possibilities, with advanced study and future careers included.

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