The Pitch

In Lawrence's Innovation & Entrepreneurship program, students develop revolutionary new ideas and compete for $40,000 in cash and startup assistance.

Happy Holidays!

This holiday season, we celebrate our rich musical community, and the spirit of collaboration that brings all Lawrentians together.


Exploring complex issues through music and movement.

Into the Streets

Explore Appleton through volunteerism!
Visit the Volunteer and Community Service Center to get involved. 



Giving Day Prep

October 11 featured the fourth annual Lawrence Giving Day. Thanks for helping make it an incredible success!

Reconnecting: Momodu Maligi '04

Maligi, Sierra Leone’s minister for water resources, regularly engages with Lawrence students and faculty, offering advice and ongoing support. 

Spiritual and Religious Life

The Center is a gathering place for curious, intentional, respectful engagement with persons of similar, different or no religious tradition. All individuals and groups are welcome.

Tough Questions

Well-meaning friends, acquaintances, and strangers can ask tough questions that recently admitted students might not be ready to answer yet. We're here to help.

Teaching Shakespeare

Teaching Shakespeare in Sierra Leone gives students the opportunity to deliver education outreach, leading theatre workshops in an international context.

A Musical Journey

Martha McDonnell ’14 found a way to balance her two distinct musical interests, landing her a spot in Sting’s musical The Last Ship before she had even graduated.

Viking Athletics

Viking Athletics supports a welcoming community for all, and helps scholar athletes strive for excellence. 

Happy Holidays!

This holiday season, we celebrate the warmth of community and the spirit of working in concert, across disciplines and differences.

Stoked for Giving Day

November 15 featured the third annual Lawrence Giving Day. Thanks for helping make it an incredible success!

Community Music-Making

Lawrence's Conservatory engages the entire community with interactive workshops, from Brazilian samba drumming to hip-hop songwriting.

The Diversity Center

Lawrence’s newly renovated Diversity Center ensures a welcoming and inclusive environment, providing support and resources for all students to succeed.