Welcome Back to Spring Term 2017 from President Mark Bustein

Dear Lawrence community,

Welcome back to campus.  I hope each of you found a way to restore yourself over break. 

As we continue to create a more inclusive Lawrence community, we are reminded of the forces that work against us.  On a number of occasions over winter term, flyers containing racist, misogynistic, and homophobic messages were found in public locations on campus.  Similar flyers were placed in other locations in the Fox Cities and on over one hundred campuses around the country.  One set announced a fictitious event intended to mock our efforts to become a more inclusive community. 

I am deeply troubled by this activity.  It has no place on our campus.  Flyers like these make me feel less safe.  I am sure they have a similar impact on many of you.  If you see flyers like these please continue to notify Campus Safety, the Dean of Students Office, or the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.  This acitivity is under investigation by the Appleton Police Department and by the University. 

I also ask each of us to maintain focus on our efforts to create a campus community where all students, faculty, and staff feel safe and supported.  We must create an environment which has broad representation and in which all can thrive. 

I look forward to seeing each of you on campus in the coming weeks.



An open letter to the Muslim members of the Lawrence community

An open letter to the Muslim members of the Lawrence community:

Dear friends,

I am including all of you for two reasons. First, since we do not have a list of our community members by religious tradition, to be sure that all Muslim members of our community receive this letter, I need to send it to everyone. Second, I am sending this to the whole community to invite those of you who are not Muslim to join me in supporting those members of our community who feel alienated by changes in our national immigration policies and practices.

Dear Muslim members of our Lawrence community: I know that for many of you, the recent changes to our national immigration policy have created a sense of confusion and uncertainty. As we wait for clarity, I worry you may feel additional uncertainty in relation to your religious tradition. Please know that I am aware of and share the distress that this may cause.

From my perspective as Lawrence’s Julie Esch Hurvis Dean of Spiritual and Religious Life, I wish to reaffirm the value of inclusion of persons from diverse religious backgrounds at Lawrence University. It seems right that, at this time of unease, Sabin House, the Center for Spiritual and Religious Life, is now open for use by all members of the community. I invite all who wish to gather there if it would be helpful to you. Along with many others across campus, I am available for individual or group sessions if you would like a listening and supportive ear or have any questions or concerns.

Sincerely yours,

Linda Morgan-Clement

Julie Esch Hurvis Dean of Spiritual and Religious Life



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