Susan Lawrence McCardell

Campus Address
Music-Drama Center
Conservatory of Music

Susan Lawrence McCardell has served as Lecturer of Music at the Lawrence University Conservatory since 2000, teaching the bassoon techniques course for music education majors as needed, and since 2001, has been teaching private bassoon lessons and coaching woodwind ensembles in the Fox Valley and surrounding areas. 

She has been Teacher of Bassoon at the Lawrence Community Music School since 2009 and is a part-time faculty member of St. Norbert College and the University of Wisconsin–Green Bay. Ms. McCardell enjoys teaching musicians of all ages.

She received a Bachelor of Music in Bassoon Performance and a Bachelor of Arts in French Literature from Lawrence University and a Master of Music from Ball State University. Influential teachers include Fred Schroeder, Carl Rath, Frank Morelli, Stephen Maxym, Stéphane Lévesque, and Keith Sweger.

In addition to playing in chamber ensembles and as a soloist, Ms. McCardell performs with various orchestras in NortheastWisconsin, including the Weidner Philharmonic and Fox Valley Symphony, and plays contrabassoon with the Civic Symphony of Green Bay and the Manitowoc Symphony.

Ms. McCardell also has a career in professional editing, including nine years as an information technology editor and currently as a freelance editor of various content, including Lawrence colleague Karen Leigh Post’s book Mind-Body Awareness for Singers: Unleashing Optimal Performance as well as publications in the field of teaching Basic Writing at the college level.