Rachel Becker (she/her)

Smiling woman with blonde hair wearing a tan sweater.
Campus Address
Academy of Music
Floor 1
Lawrence Community Music School
Media and Communications Specialist

Rachel Becker's role at the Lawrence Community Music School focuses on communications and all that falls under its umbrella; including marketing, media, content, and community outreach. Rachel is passionate about clear and effective communication, leading her to earn a bachelor's degree in business communications. From work in coaching, sales, leadership, and marketing; Rachel has found communication to be the foundation of success. Rachel has spent time living in Washington State and Colorado and moved back home to Wisconsin in 2022. While in Colorado, she was the director of a gymnastics club where she loved her work with kids and the community. She is excited to focus further on her field of study, while still pursuing her passion of working with the community and in a program supporting youth development. Rachel loves the time and passion put forth to follow the progressions of a sport or musical instrument. The dedication taught to children through these activities is a lifelong skill she is excited to see formed here at the Lawrence Community Music School.

Bachelors in Business Communication
Years at Lawrence