Mason Wheelock-Johnson (he/they)

Photo of Mason wearing purple gingham shirt and green neck tie.
Campus Address
Main Hall
Room 412
Visiting Instructor of Latin

Mason received their PhD in Classical & Ancient Near Eastern Studies in August 2021 from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Their research interests focus around Roman philosophical literature particularly of the Neronian period and interrogating the metaphors used by Latin authors drawn from Roman religious, social and literary culture to create new and innovative philosophical work. Mason is also interested in the presentation of the environment and agrarianism in Latin Literature more broadly, as well as the reception of Roman Stoicism in later philosophical authors from the Neo-Stoic revival of Early Modern Europe to 20th century Continental philosophical movements.

2021 - PhD, University of Wisconsin - Madison
2017 - MA, University of Wisconsin - Madison
2015 - BA, Rhodes College
Years at Lawrence