Kristina Pagel-Martinez

Female with brown hair, smiling
Campus Address
Briggs Hall
Room 346
Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology
Kristina Pagel-Martinez is a developmental biopsychologist, specializing in psychoneuroimmunological research on health and health disparities. Dr. Pagel-Martinez studies development across the lifespan using an interdisciplinary perspective including quantitative studies, experimental psychology, and biological measures that she has adapted for field research. Her research uses biomarkers of inflammation (e.g., C-reactive protein, cytokines, chemokines) to understand the relationship between physical health and psychosocial health, with a current focus on depression and cardiovascular health in underrepresented and marginalized groups. While teaching, Dr. Pagel-Martinez encourages students to incorporate knowledge from several perspectives to build a more holistic model, which is critical to the scientific method and the study of psychology. One of her passions is to focus on adapting and developing courses to suit the needs of university students. Her favorite part of teaching is learning from creative, diverse individuals and assisting in the development of their ideas. Dr. Pagel-Martinez earned her B.S. in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh and then went on to complete her M.A. and Ph.D. in Comparative Human Development with an emphasis in Behavioral Biology from The University of Chicago. At Lawrence, she teaches Adult Development, Women and Girls in Science, Psychopharmacology and Behavior, Perception, Developmental Psychology, and Biopsychology of Parenting. Before coming to Lawrence in Fall 2023, Dr. Pagel-Martinez was an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Colorado Mesa University.