Allison M. M. Fleshman (She/her)

Photo of Allison Fleshman
Campus Address
Thomas Steitz Hall of Science
Room 132
Associate Professor of Chemistry

I'm the physical chemist here at Lawrence. I love physics, chemistry, and math and have the best job sharing that love with my students!

My two favorite courses I teach are Quantum Chemistry & Spectroscopy (Chem 470) and Thermodynamics and Reaction Kinetics (Chem 370). Both courses cover the heart of physical chemistry which tie wonderfully into my research - which studies ion motion at the fundamental level. What makes an ion move in a liquid? Such a simple question with an elusive answer. In my work, my students and I use a modified transition-state-theory (fancy speak for nifty mathematics) on materials called ionic liquids, which are really cool salts that are liquid at room temperature and show great promise for battery systems. Electric vehicles, anyone? By understanding what part of the molecule controls its motion, we can create molecules optimizing those characteristics for use in more advanced batteries.

On the opposite side of the spectrum is my research in identifying pigments and inks in Medieval illuminated manuscripts using Raman spectroscopy and other non-destructive spectroscopic techniques. I've worked with the Wriston Art Gallery's collection of illuminated manuscripts and folios which is a valuable resource we have at Lawrence. I include this work in my Chemistry of Art course (Chem 108), which is a blast to teach. Speaking of fun teaching, I also sometimes teach our introductory chemistry courses (Chem 115 & Chem 116) which is a great opportunity to introduce students to the wonders of chemistry!

In my spare time, you'll likely find me at McFleshman's Brewing Co, a local brewery my husband and I (with our families) opened in 2018. There's a lot of science in beer! I also enjoy yoga and playing cello.




B.S. in Physics University of Oklahoma 2005
PhD in Chemistry University of Oklahoma 2012
Years at Lawrence