Request to Return
This form is for former students who would like to return to Lawrence after being separated from the university.
Please enter your LU ID if known.
Mailing Address
Reason for Separation from the University
Have you taken classes somewhere else after leaving Lawrence?
Are you aware of any other reasons you may not be able to return?
Potential reasons may include being placed on indefinite financial leave, withdrawal due to Honor Code violations, withdrawal due to behavioral reasons, etc.
This only needs to be a few sentences.
Please enter the main reason(s) you want to return.
When do you want to return to Lawrence?
Please note:

The Faculty Subcommittee on Administration will review your request for readmission. Please contact the Center for Academic Success for details or questions about this process.  Request for readmission deadlines are as follows:

  • July 31 to return fall term
  • November 30 to return winter term
  • February 15 to return spring term
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