Mohit Gupta ‘11

Mohit Gupta ‘11

In high school I had never even heard of Lawrence. I met with a guidance counselor at the end of my junior year of high school, and she ended up putting Lawrence on a list of about 10 schools for me. She thought that Lawrence would be a good fit for me because it would offer both a strong science program and small class sizes. My guidance counselor ended up being absolutely right. Lawrence did offer me a great combination of both of those things. The strong science program challenged me and helped me build a strong foundation to do well on the MCAT and feel prepared for medical school.

Small class sizes allowed me to work closely with my classmates, while engaging in thoughtful and critical discussions of the class material. One of my favorite science classes was Cancer Biology, which was primarily taught by the students through classroom discussions and presentations. Each class we were required to break into small groups and present on a given topic. Through this course I learned how to work collectively with my peers and how to become a better communicator. In all of my classes, I felt supported by my professors and classmates. Whenever I struggled in a class, I knew I could rely on classmates to steer me in the right direction. Lawrence did a great job of creating an academic environment that encouraged this cooperation and collaboration.

Furthermore, I truly appreciated my professors for having an open-door policy. Whether I had questions on coursework or needed guidance on career planning, I knew I could ask my professors. By building close relationships with advisors, I was able to find research opportunities and plan for my career after Lawrence. Even though it has now been more than 10 years since I graduated, I still intermittently email professors for advice.

After graduating from Lawrence, I attended Rush Medical College and completed my residency in internal medicine at Rush and Cook County Hospital. Today, I work as a primary care doctor in the Chicago suburbs. I love my work because I get to learn something new every day and positively affect the health of my patients.