Tracy Donald '95

Tracy Donald '95 profile pic with family at Route 1 highway sign

My Lawrence story began during a senior year visit to the campus with a couple of my best friends and ended as an individual with so much more than I could have ever anticipated during that Fall visit. I came to Lawrence from the metropolis of Chicago with all the hustle and bustle that is afforded someone living in the area. I must say that the Appleton and LU experience was out of the ordinary for someone who had only lived in the larger environs of Chicago. I quickly adapted to the pace of the city because the experiences at Lawrence shaped me in ways that I had not anticipated during that fall visit to the campus. Though it was not as smooth of a transition as many of the other students who during Freshman Studies had already been exposed to much of the literature that was foreign to me, I began to adjust and integrate into campus life. Professor Corry Azzi was instrumental in allowing me to find my way in Economics and further became more of a mentor than he knew. Professor Glick also provided foundational support of my passion for the field of psychology. As I sit here 25+ years later working in sales for a Biotechnology Company specializing in the Psychiatry Marketplace, my Lawrence experiences were instrumental in my ability and desire to work in this remarkable field. I have settled into a slower pace in Green Bay, WI where I have been in the Pharmaceutical sales arena for over 20 years. Many of the experiences that took place in the 90s allowed me to have the resolve to learn multiple new products, disease states and effectively work with my collaborative partners. Were it not for the Lawrence experiences during my formative years, I would not be the person that I am today, and I am extremely grateful for Lawrence.