In Kohler, Lawrence’s iconic seven-story hall, every Kohlerite pledges to keep the space free of alcohol, tobacco, and recreational drugs.

A diverse mix of students of all years, academic pursuits, and interests, Kohler hosts a vibrant community. Plus, its smaller floors offer a strong sense of floor community. Built in 1967 and renovated in 2021, it is the tallest building on campus and grants the best views in Appleton. 

Residence Details

  • Single and double occupancy rooms 

  • Rooms include an XL twin bed, desk, chair, and dresser with overhead shelving for each resident 

  • Shared bathrooms 


  • Elevator 

  • Lounge on every floor  

  • Laundry room 

  • Kitchen with fridge, microwave, and full-range stove  

  • Computer lab