Milwaukee-Downer Collection

Scope and Contents

Our general rare books collection, called the Milwaukee-Downer Collection, contains over 2,500 titles including signed first editions, nineteenth century great works, and Bible editions, and commentaries.  Some highlights include first editions of Twain, Hawthrone and Howells, an Erasmus commentary of 1522, and an incunabulum of 1493 entitled Liber Chronicarum. We also have certain Catholic and Lutheran devotionals held nowhere else in North America. Scans of pages from select titles are available in Lux, the Lawrence University Institutional Repository.

Milwaukee-Downer Room

Milwaukee-Downer Room

Formerly known as the Heritage Room, the Milwaukee-Downer Room was dedicated in 2001 during the sesquicentennial celebration of Milwaukee-Downer College. The room was built in the style of the Oak Room, a beloved space on the Milwaukee-Downer campus. The room contains numerous beautiful built-in cabinets, a side chamber with tables and chairs, and a main room with couches and arm chairs. It is home to our rare and antique book collection, as well as a collection of Milwaukee-Downer artifacts.

This room can be reserved by Lawrence University faculty, staff and students for academic or administrative functions on an occasional (i.e., not regularly-scheduled) basis through the university's Room Reservation Application, or by contacting Holly Tuyls. If this room is not otherwise in use it is available for individual or group study on a first-come first-served basis.