Cultural Competency Lecture Series

Fall Term
   Topic: Cultural Appropriation: What is and isn't
   Title: Cultural Appropriation or Cultural Appreciation?: Understanding the Complexities around Race, Culture, and Consumption
   Date: Sep 25, 2018    Time: 11:15am    Esch Hurvis Room
   Topic: Gender Inclusive language
   Title: Smash the binary!
   Date: Oct 16, 2018    Time: 11:15am    Mead Witter Room
   Topic: Engaging with controversial Art   
   Title: It Matters How and Why We Say This: Navigating Cultural Identities in a Liberal Arts College/ Conservatory
   Date: Nov 6, 2018    Time: 11:15am    Esch Hurvis Room
Winter Term
   Topic: Engaging with controversial Art
   Title: More than Meets the Eye: Engaging with Controversial Art
   Date: Jan 16, 2019    Time: 12:30pm    Esch Hurvis Room
   Topic: Islamphobia
   Title: Islam in America: The Success Story of Dearborn, Michigan
   Date: Feb 12, 2019    Time: 11:15am    TBD
Spring Term
   Topic: Environmnetal justice and its intersections with social justice
   Title: Environmental Justice – Global Movement, Local Actions
   Date: Apr 9, 2019    Time: 11:15am    Esch Hurvis Room

Upstander Training with FIT Oshkosh

Upstander Training prepares participants to intervene safely and appropriately when witnessing incidents of discrimination, harassment or harm. Participants engage with real-life scenarios to enable them to effectively identify and challenge negative narratives and behaviors. Become an agent for change and foster a positive of culture of safety and respect in your places of influence.
Fall Term
   Sep 19, 2018    1:00-5:00 P.M. at Esch Hurvis Studio (224), Esch Hurvis Room (225) and Mead Witter Room (226)    
Winter Term
   Jan 24, 2019    5:00-9:00 P.M. at Esch Hurvis Studio (224), Esch Hurvis Room (225) and Mead Witter Room (226)
Spring Term

   Apr 12, 2019    1:00-5:00 P.M. at Esch Hurvis Studio (224), Esch Hurvis Room (225) and Mead Witter Room (226)

Dignity & Respect Campaign

The Dignity & Respect Campaign EMPOWERS INDIVIDUALS to create environments for all to live, work, learn, and play by delivering programs and initiatives; educational and training resources; and communication tools

Employees of Color Resource Group

The mission of the Employees of Color ERG is to promote an inclusive community for faculty and staff who self-identify as people of color. Through networking and socializing, this groups shall serve as forum in which employees of color can share experiences and expertise, raise awareness, and address institutional campus climate issues.  Through fellowship, we strive to build connections that support and encourage our various career aspirations, make us feel valued and respected, and instill a sense of belonging at Lawrence University. For more information please contact Ariela Rosa, Associate Director of Corporate, Foundation, and Sponsored Research Support at, or Carla Daughtry, Associate Professor of Anthropology at

Pride Resource Group

The Faculty/Staff Pride resource group is for faculty and staff who identify as LGBTQ+ and for faculty and staff with family who identify as such. This group will provide a space to build community and identify resources. In addition, the group will host opportunities for networking and socializing for those who identify as LGBTQ+ (or are family) in and outside of the Lawrence community. For more information please contact Dakota Williams, Assistant Director of Alumni and Constituency Engagement at, or Helen Boyd Kramer, Instructor of Gender Studies at

Meeting Time: 5-7 PM Happy Hour
Location: Dr. Jekyll's Bar on College Avenue
Frequency:Second Thursday of the month

Emerging Professionals Resource Group

To provide a support network for new(er) professionals. To create a positive working environment that values the unique skills and challenges of those starting or changing a career in higher education through social events, community engagement opportunities, and professional development options.

Global Employees of Lawrence Resource Group

Global Employees of Lawrence is a resource group for faculty and staff with global backgrounds and/or identities. The goal of this group is to bring our global employees together, sharing culture and experience while also locating/creating resources that will help bring to life a community of support on campus. For more information please contact Andrew McSorley, Interlibrary Loan Coordinator and Assistant Circulation Services Supervisor, at or at (920) 832-6758.



































































PCDA Subcommittees

Get involved with the different sub-committees of the President's Committee on Diversity Affairs:

Campus Climate

Paris Wicker, Associate Dean of Students for Student Transitions, Support and Persistence (

Achievement and Opportunity Equity

Monita Mohammadian Gray, Dean of Academic Success (

Employee Recruitment

Lindsay Kehl, Associate Director of Human Resources (

Employee Retention

Christyn Abaray, Athletics Director (

Professional Development

Curt Lauderdale, Dean of Students (

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