Need tips for living and working more sustainably? This page can act as your guide for being more sustainable at Lawrence University and beyond!


What Can I Recycle?

  • Aluminum and Tin Cans (ex: soup cans)
  • Aluminum Foil (clean of food products)
  • Flattened Cardboard
  • Magazines
  • Office Paper
  • Newspaper
  • Paperboard (ex: cereal boxes)
  • Dairy and Juice Cartons (ex: orange juice cartons)
  • Glass (clear, brown, green)
  • Plastic Bottles, Jars, Jugs (ex: soda bottles and milk jugs)

What Should I Recycle in Special Locations?

  • Plastic Bags: Recycle in receptacles located in the Warch and Mudd Library entrances on campus. Volunteers from the Sustainability Steering Committee take these plastic bags to Habitat for Humanity where they are made into park benches. Plastic bags can also be brought to most major grocery stores!
  • Small Electronics and Batteries: Place in bins inside residence halls or in Mudd Library entrance. The materials are sorted and shipped by students from LU Environmental Organization so they are to be properly and safely recycled.
  • Large Electronics: Contact the Technology Services to properly recycle your large electronics (desktops, monitors, etc.)

What Can I NOT Recycle?

  • Recyclables in Plastic Bags (items must be removed from bag before putting in dumpster- you can recycle your plastic bag in a separate receptacle!)
  • Food or Liquids
  • Foam Cups or Containers
  • Pizza Boxes (if contaminated with grease)
  • Broken Glass
  • Mirror or Window Glass
  • Clothing
  • Furniture


Our food scraps & yard waste account for more than 30% of discards in the landfill. This organic matter is sent to the landfill where it decomposes without oxygen and produces greenhouse gases. But, composting your organic matter can significantly lower your carbon footprint!

How Do I Start Composting?

Students: Courtesy of LU Environmental Organization, residence hall floors have compost buckets that are taken to SLUG by a volunteer. Ask your CA where yours is!

Faculty & Staff: SLUG accepts community compost! You can buy a compost bucket for your home and dump your compost at any time at the garden, located below the Warch Campus center, on the west side of Lawe Street, beside the river. If you have items that can be composted on campus, check your building for a compost bucket. 

SLUG accepts:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Rinsed eggshells
  • Cooked grains
  • Coffee grounds + filters
  • Tea bags without staples

SLUG does NOT accept:

  • Meat, fish, & bones
  • Cheese and other dairy products
  • Fruit/vegetable stickers
  • Tea bags with staples
  • Pet waste
  • Oil & greasy foods


The Global Food System is responsible for up to 30% of total GHG emissions. But, there are many things you can do to dine more sustainably.

Go Reusable Instead of Single-Use


Reusable clamshells are available to take food to-go from the Warch Campus Center. Bring your dirty clamshell back and exchange it for a new one! Ask a Bon Appetit employee how to get a reusable clamshell.


Save money (and the planet) by using a reusable mug! You will get a discount on beverages at the Cafe when you bring your reusable mug. Many coffee shops also offer this discount, including Starbucks!


Instead of transporting to-go food or groceries in plastic or paper bags, use a reusable bag whenever possible. The LU Food Pantry has a stock of reusable bags for those who need one. If you do use a plastic or paper bag, please recycle or reuse it.


Stock your room or office with metal or another type of reusable utensils. The Andrews Commons is usually stocked with compostable utensils that is another alternative to plastic utensils.

If you order food from off-campus and do not need plastic utensils, tell them when you place the order! Businesses often give out plastic utensils by default.

Water Bottles

Did you know that of the Americans throw away 35 billion empty water bottles per year, only 12% are actually recycled?

Reusable water bottles can make a significant difference in reducing your plastic consumption. If you are in need of a reusable water bottle, check the LU food pantry!

Participate In Meatless Mondays

Eat meatless once a week for the betterment of yourself, the planet, and its inhabitants. An increasing number of Lawrentians are opting in for this culinary adventure. Join in by signing the pledge!


There are restaurants, convenience stores, parks and access to public transportation within walking distance from Lawrence's campus. Other transportation options include:

Bike racks can be found in many campus locations. Commuters can access showers in the Buchanan-Kiewit Wellness Center.

Resources On Campus

LU Food Pantry

The food pantry is often stocked with the following reusable products for students to take:

  • Food and grocery bags
  • Water bottles
  • Menstrual products
  • Utensils

If you are in need of items that can support a sustainable lifestyle, check the food pantry!

Environmental Films in Library

The Seeley G. Mudd Library has a collection of environmental films that anyone can check out. Some even have performance rights if you want to schedule your own showing. Explore the library's catalog to see what is available.