Understand the process to submit a term request for approved academic accommodations in Accommodate. Understand how to renew a residential accommodation request for the next school year.

For students who have approved academic accommodations, you will submit a term request every term for the courses you plan to use your accommodations in while you are enrolled at Lawrence.

For students who currently have an approved residential accommodation, you must renew your housing or emotional support animal accommodation request every year.

Keep reading to learn how to submit a term request and to renew a residential accommodation.

How to Submit a Term Request

Log into Accommodate each term and follow the posted instructions to submit a term request. Term requests take 3-5 days for Accessibility Services to process, so submit your term request as soon as possible at the beginning of each term. Approved accommodations will take effect only for current and future assignments and exams, and will not apply to any work already completed or past due. 

Please make testing reservations, after you submit a term request and your letters of accommodation have been sent out, at least one week prior to an exam date by emailing the Accessibility Services Specialist.

If you find you need additional or different accommodations after a course is underway, email Accessibility Services (accessibility@lawrence.edu).

Letters of Accommodation and Instructor Notification

Once your term request is processed, the Director of Accessibility Services will electronically send a Letter of Accommodation (LOA) via Accommodate to you and the instructors of the courses for which you are requesting accommodation. The LOA describes your approved accommodations for each course. Copies of your LOAs will also be in your Accommodate account.

After your LOA is sent to you and your instructors, you are responsible for communicating with your instructors about using your approved accommodations for the term. To practice the skill of self-advocacy, you are encouraged to discuss your learning needs with your instructor so that your accommodations can be provided in a way that works best for you.

The Director of Accessibility Services can help you communicate with your instructors; email accessibility@lawrence.edu or stop by Room 234 in the CAS (located on the second floor of Mudd Library) for help.

Communicate with Accessibility Services

The Director of Accessibility Services may check in with you and the course instructor to see how the accommodations are working. If questions or challenges arise, please contact the Director right away so that issues can be resolved early in the term before they affect your academic progress.

Renewing Housing Accommodations: Current Lawrence Students

If you are a currently enrolled student who has a disability-related housing accommodation for the current school year, you must renew your request for a residential accommodation each year you attend Lawrence. You may be asked to provide updated documentation and meet with the Director of Accessibility Services as part of the renewal process. Read the information on this page for renewing housing accommodations for next year and important deadlines, as well as the Establishing Eligibility page, which also includes information on documentation, deadlines, and other residential accommodation-related items. 

Email your disability-related renewal request for housing and emotional support animals* by April 1st to the Director of Accessibility Services in order for staff to have time to thoroughly review the information and make recommendations to Res Ed, regarding placement for the next school year. 

*For continuing students renewing a residential accommodation for an emotional support animal (ESA) after the posted April 1st deadline, the Office of Accessibility Services asks that you submit your disability-related renewal request for an ESA with all requested documentation by October 1st of the Fall Term to the Office of Accessibility Services in order for staff to have time to thoroughly review the information and make recommendations to Res Ed, regarding placement for Winter and/or Spring Term. 

Any renewal request received AFTER the posted deadline(s) will be reviewed in the order it was received. If recommendations are made to Res Ed, implementation will be based on availability, and the student’s request could be put on a wait list. 

Important Things to Note: 

Students will be considered for residential accommodation based on the following: 

  • A medical/mental health disability that significantly impacts the ability of the student to live in traditional housing configurations. 

  • How the accommodation reduces disability impacts. 

  • Space and other housing configuration considerations: we may not have space for all requests. 

  • Timeliness of request. 

Housing exemptions are infrequently provided.  At times, if we are unable to provide required housing accommodations or housing configurations pose a safety concern for the student, students may be eligible for a housing exemption.  These are determined on a case-by-case basis.  


Get in touch with the Director of Accessibility Services via email at accessibility@lawrence.edu, phone (920) 832-6672, confidential fax (920) 993-6368, or stop by Room 234 in the CAS, located on the second floor of Mudd Library.