Saxophone Study and Performance at Lawrence University


The Saxophone Program at Lawrence University is committed to the highest ideals of professionalism and artistry in saxophone performance. Rooted in Lawrence's tradition of transformative and rigorous liberal arts education, our comprehensive program in performance and pedagogy nurtures the development of collaborativeflexible, and committed artists who thrive in their musical and personal lives.

Saxophone News

Becky Swanson, LU'20, commissioned and premiered "Portraits of Being" for alto saxophone and piano, by Daniel Whitworth, LU'18.  

Watch Becky Swanson premiere "Portraits of Being."

Robert Ziobro, LU’20, commissioned and premiered “Coping Methods” for alto saxophone and piano by LU composer Logan Willis on his senior recital in June, 2020. 

Watch Robert Ziobro premiere "Coping Methods."

Of the piece, Robert writes, “The idea of the piece stems around using music as a coping mechanism to deal with life. It can help you feel and understand emotions more deeply to either feel better and be in a good mood or help you process darker emotions by taking you there. Music is very subjective to each person’s taste and this piece was written around what I listen to help me cope with life and to get out of my own head. It features a pop/alternative element to it in some sections as well as featuring sections that are disruptive to this element.”


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Sara Cooper: May 16, 1p, Chapel.

Tim Moyer: May 21, 6p, Harper.

Alex Rothstein: May 22, 11a, Harper.

Jenn Overton: May 30, 8p, Harper.