Up-close keyboard photo

We empower each student to plan their own performance agenda, whether it entails entering competitions, designing thematic lecture-recitals, integrating classical and jazz, bringing their music to the community in performance or other musical outreach, pursuing the works of a particular composer, or championing the composition department and premiering student compositions regularly. Our students have done all these things and more, and we the faculty rely on their creativity and are continuously inspired by the work and ideas the students generate. We are here to help students transform their ideas into realities, hone their skills both on and off the keyboard in order to shape the musical life they want for themselves, and to show them some options of what that musical life might look like. To get a better idea of some of the performance opportunities here already, take a look at the videos across the various piano pages, the Jazz page, the Wind Ensemble and Orchestra pages, as well as the Music for All page, or check out our youtube channel.
If you would like to talk more about specific performance opportunities you may be interested in please reach out to us or set up a visit to come hear some of these performances for yourself!