Lawrence graduates in theory/composition go on to become composers, arrangers, scholars, and educators. Distinguished alumni/ae include Fred Lerdahl, Fritz Reiner Professor of Music Composition at Columbia University, and Janet Schmalfeldt, Professor of Music at Tufts University.

Our graduates also include:

Kris Shaffer, '02, received his Ph. D. in music theory at Yale University in 2011 and was an Assistant Professor of Music at Charleston Southern University. He is currently Instructor of Music Theory at University of Colorado Boulder

Stephen Rodgers, '98, was awarded a prestigious Mellon Fellowship to pursue the Ph.D. in Music Theory at Yale University, where he completed his dissertation on a study of the metaphorical relationship between musical form and literary program in the music of Berlioz. At Lawrence, Steve completed a double major in Music and English; during his senior year, he was invited to read his paper "'This Body that Beats:' Roland Barthes on Robert Schumann's Kreisleriana" at the annual meeting of Music Theory Midwest held at the University of Louisville. He is currently Associate Professor of Music Theory at the University of Oregon.

Peter Martens, '96, is Assistant Professor of Music Theory at Texas Tech University.  At Lawrence, Pete received the  B.Mus. in Music Education and a B.A. in Classics, after which he completed M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in the History and Theory of Music from the University of Chicago. In his dissertation "Beat-Finding, Listener Strategies, and Music Meter," Pete combines research models from music theory and music psychology to pursue the elemental but complicated question of where listeners locate the main beat in music.

Brooke Joyce, '95, received the M.Mus. degree from the Cleveland Institute of Music and Ph.D. in composition at Princeton University. At Lawrence, Brooke's senior thesis for the B.Mus. degree was an opera composed to a libretto by Professor Fred Gaines of the Department of Theatre and Drama. He is currently Associate Professor of Music and Composer-in-residence at Luther College. 

Jason Hoogerhyde, '91, completed the M.Mus. in Composition at Boston University, where he studied with Lukas Foss, and the D.M.A. in Composition at the College-Conservatory of Music of the University of Cincinnati, where his principal teacher was Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon. From 1999-2004, Jason served his alma mater as a lecturer in Music Theory and Composition. He is currently Associate Professor of Music at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas.