Flute ensemble performing in the Chapel

Welcome to the flute studio webpage!

Here, you can find out information about audition requirements, current studio members, and studio events. You can also learn about special projects we have been involved with, listen to performances by the flute ensemble and read about student accomplishments.

The flute studio at Lawrence University offers flutists a unique opportunity to study at a nationally recognized conservatory of music within the setting of an excellent liberal arts college. Members of the flute studio are from all regions of the United States, and reflect a variety of interests. Recent graduates have combined their conservatory degrees with majors in Gender Studies, Anthropology, Francophone Studies, Government, Physics and Biochemistry.

We encourage a friendly and supportive atmosphere while pushing ourselves and each other to perform at the highest possible level. Weekly lessons, chamber music coachings, studio performance classes and flute ensemble rehearsals guarantee frequent contact between faculty and studio members.

All flute majors perform in the large ensembles and take three placement auditions throughout the year. Many students also follow their particular interests by taking jazz flute lessons, piccolo lessons, participating in improvisatory ensembles like IGLU, working with composition students and performing with electronics.

Non-majors and minors are also welcome to study flute. All flute instruction is provided by members of the faculty.

Student Erec Von Seggern performing

Flute studio outside the Chapel

Flute section of the Lawrence Symphony Orchestra