Professor Nora Lewis teaches her student.

Private instruction (Applied Music Individual Instruction) is available by permission of the instructor, based on audition or interview and faculty schedules.

A fee for private lessons and the use of practice facilities is charged to non-music majors as follows:
• 1/2 hour per week: $300 per term
• 1 hour per week: $600 per term

The Studios

Group piano lessons are also available (MURP 101 and MURP 151).  Please contact Mary Van De Loo ( for more information.

Ensemble Award

The Ensemble Award is an opportunity for those who are interested in taking private lessons in the Conservatory who will not be music majors or minors. Winners of the award receive free private lessons and must participate in an ensemble to retain the award. Ensemble Award winners populate all of our major bands, choirs and orchestra and are an integral part of music making at Lawrence. 

Candidates for the scholarship must complete a standard conservatory audition. More information on the audition process can be found on the Conservatory Admissions page

If you are interested in auditioning for the ensemble award, please email the Director of Conservatory Admissions at

*Note: Piano is not eligible for the Ensemble Award.*



Can I apply Early Action or Regular Decision and audition for the Ensemble Award?

Yes - applicants interested in the Ensemble Award can apply to an Early Action deadline (November) and Regular Decision (January). 

Do I have to submit the extra application materials (music resume and a music teacher recommendation) that are required for music majors if I'm just interested in auditioning for an Ensemble Award? 

While music majors are required to submit a music resume (which includes music festivals attended, names of private teachers, repertoire they have been working on) and a music teacher evaluation (from an ensemble director or a private teacher), students auditioning for an Ensemble Award are not required to submit those extra materials.

However, those materials do help our faculty get to know your musical interests and background. While not required, we would encourage you to either submit those optional materials or fill out a music interest form which asks for a bit more specific music information than the application. It's a great way for us to learn more about you (and takes a bit of pressure off the audition itself).

Does my acceptance of an Ensemble Award automatically place me into one of the ensembles?

Students who accept the award will still complete the ensemble placement audition upon arrival in the fall of their freshman year. Information on the audition requirements for Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band and Orchestra can be found here, and information on the audition requirements for choirs at Lawrence can be found here.

Does winning the Ensemble Award force me to take lessons every term at Lawrence?

No. Whenever a student is in an ensemble they can take private lessons, so, if a student takes a term off from ensemble participation, they do not receive free lessons that term. However, at any point that student can re-enroll in the ensemble and regain their free private lessons.