Mallory Welsch holds a violin in front of flowers.

Mallory Welsch ’24 always knew that she wanted to study viola performance, and after connecting with Lawrence’s viola professor through the viola teacher in her hometown, it became clear that Lawrence was the perfect place to do so. Although she knew what she wanted to study, she says it was Lawrence’s wonderful community of musicians that helped her to expand her musical interests and understand how they may be useful beyond the walls of the conservatory.

She says, “People are super involved here, and that culture is really inspiring and forces me to get outside of my comfort zone.”

Mallory credits her viola professor with creating such a close-knit studio. From this community, she has been able to create new relationships and learn how to feel more comfortable performing. Outside of her time with her studio, Mallory enjoys participating in a quartet which she has been a part of since her Freshman year.

After her time at Lawrence, Mallory hopes to play in an orchestral pit for a musical, opera, or ballet. She is also interested in learning how to repair instruments and opening her own instrument shop.

Quick Facts

Name: Mallory Welsch
Class Year: 2024
Area(s) of study: Viola Performance
From: Iowa