In her college search, Cindy Kaiser was hoping to find a double degree program where she could excel in both a music conservatory and a college of liberal arts and sciences. 

After meeting flute professor Erin Lesser, she decided Lawrence University could give her exactly that. Originally intending to study flute performance, Kaiser soon discovered a love for both music education and psychology.

In her free time, Kaiser, a sophomore from New Jersey, enjoys staying active in the Wellness Center as well as taking walks around campus.

“There are so many resources here, not just music-wise but also health and wellness-wise, that are really beneficial,” she said.

Kaiser credits the flute studio for making her time at Lawrence the best it can be. She says it is because of the supportive environment the professors create that students are able to feel so welcome and transition so easily into college life at Lawrence.

“I have never been in a flute studio that was more caring, supportive, or compassionate," she said. "We’re like a big flute family.”

With several options before her after graduation, Kaiser plans on student teaching in the area before possibly pursuing grad school for flute performance.


Name: Cindy Kaiser

Class Year: 2024

Area(s) of study: Flute performance, psychology, music education

Hometown: New Jersey