The annual Great Midwest Trivia Contest was held over the weekend, continuing a tradition at Lawrence University that dates back to 1966.

Led by trivia head master Nick Mayerson and his team of 12 trivia masters, the contest rolled on for 50 consecutive hours, ending at midnight on Jan. 29. More than 550 players took part.

"The contest was spectacular," Mayerson said. "The teams put every ounce of heart and soul into the contest. It was an honor to be the HM for this year."

Next year's trivia head master was announced at the close of the contest: Maddie Guest, a theater arts and music education double major from Northbrook, Illinois.

Check out team scores from the weekend at the contest’s home page. The top three off-campus teams were Holy Broman Empire (top overall score); Hobgoblins of Little Minds; and Jabberwocky. Top on-campus teams were 4 gamer sheep against weed; cetera; and Kermit collective.

Photographer Danny Damiani captured the excitement as he caught up with the trivia masters in the midst of the wonderful chaos on the fourth floor of Briggs Hall.

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