Isabel Dorn leads a meeting of the LUCC in Warch Campus Center.
Isabel Dorn leads a meeting of the LUCC in Warch Campus Center. (Photo by Aaron Lindeman '27)

Lawrence University junior Isabel Dorn, active in student leadership since arriving on campus three years ago, is enjoying new interactions and responsibilities as she begins work as the newly elected president of the Lawrence University Community Council (LUCC).

“I want LUCC to be a source of support for students and a forum for hands-on problem-solving,” Dorn said.

LUCC is the student branch of Lawrence’s shared governance. It recognizes and funds student organizations and events, works with faculty and campus administration on internal noncurricular legislation, and provides a student voice on campus issues.

Dorn, of New London, Wisconsin, is pursuing majors in English (creative writing), Russian studies, and government. She has been involved in student leadership since her first year, when she served on LUCC’s Sustainability and Student Welfare committees. She developed a passion for advocacy, and she’s excited to have taken that into her position as president.

“Being president isn't just a ceremonial duty; you have to gather student feedback, synthesize these ideas into a practical plan, and collaborate to find the resources needed to implement these reforms,” Dorn said. “I’ve seen LUCC do a lot of good during my time at Lawrence, and I am ready to dive into this position and maximize its potential for effecting positive change.”

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She is working to update LUCC policy to keep it efficient, consistent, and equitable. She wants to better connect LUCC with the student body; she is revising student committees to bring in more members and better address student needs. And she is working to connect LUCC with Conservatory students, athletes, and Greek life.

“Bringing these groups together is crucial to building a cohesive Lawrence community and fostering collaborative solutions, especially on such a small campus,” Dorn said.

Her work outside of LUCC has been largely in diversity, equity, and inclusion advocacy. She has served on the executive board of the Pan-Asian Organization for three years, and she works in the Diversity and Intercultural Center (D&IC). Equity and inclusion have always been crucial to Dorn, and she’s taking that commitment with her into the LUCC leadership position.

“Holding the LUCC presidency as a woman of color is a rare honor that I do not take lightly,” she said. “I hope my presidency encourages other people from marginalized backgrounds to pursue leadership positions, both at Lawrence and beyond college. Furthermore, I want to use this position to empower people of color through action, not just representation.”

After graduating from Lawrence, Dorn plans to continue into law school with the intent of becoming a public interest lawyer so she can continue working in the advocacy space she is so passionate about.