Lawrence University is adding a new admissions deadline to lessen the pressure on prospective students who are dealing with unprecedented obstacles as they navigate college applications during a pandemic.

Lawrence’s traditional application deadline has already passed. But the school has added Feb. 16 as a new deadline for students who need the added flexibility due to complications in getting their first-semester grades, receiving letters of recommendation in a timely matter, accessing needed technology, or dealing with a myriad of other pandemic-related frustrations.

It’s an effort to be flexible toward student needs at a time when pressures are immense.

“We’re hearing from seniors in high school who need more time to complete their applications,” said Dean of Admissions Mary Beth Petrie. “They continue to experience extraordinary disruptions to their education, and we want to do what we can to provide a pathway to college.”

Students applying to Lawrence by the Feb. 16 deadline are still expected to get answers on their applications by April 1.

Petrie reports that applications for admission are currently keeping pace with previous years.