Two alumni take photos with the new antelope mascot at a Friday night Homecoming gathering.
LUAA members will be connecting with students on campus April 21-22. (Photo by Danny Damiani)

A new effort is being launched to help connect Lawrence students with the robust alumni network that is accessible to them now and after they graduate.

Forever a Lawrentian will be introduced April 21 and 22 when the Lawrence University Alumni Association (LUAA) Board is on campus for its spring meetings. The program is looking to spur conversations between LUAA members and current students, shining a light on the value that comes when Lawrentians remain connected.

“You are a student for four or five years, but forever a Lawrentian,” said Matt Baumler, associate vice president of Alumni and Constituency Engagement. “This project seeks to further the message to students that there is a vast alumni network that they can rely on, and that they become part of this community as soon as they join Lawrence.”

The vision of the LUAA Board of Directors is a Lawrence community with a lifetime commitment to the university, the liberal arts, and service to others

On April 21, several pop-up events will take place across campus, encouraging students to interact with LUAA members while learning about Lawrence’s alumni network. Lawrence swag and other gifts will be among the giveaways. Students at those events will be invited to take part in more formal events the following day.

The April 22 activities will include gatherings in Warch Campus Center, where students can sit and chat with alumni in a relaxed setting or attend an alumni panel. All LUAA board members are expected to participate.

The Career Center also will be facilitating one-on-one meetings between students and alumni working in areas of interest.

Baumler called the April events the first step in an ongoing effort built around the Forever a Lawrentian program, all bringing increased engagement between students and alumni.

“This project is more than a weekend program,” he said. “The Alumni Association is here for you now and forever. It’s both a theme and a mentality built around this community we call Lawrence. We hope to introduce future programming at events from Welcome Week through Commencement.”