What’s better than ice cream on a hot day? Now that summer is at its hottest, I know I will be eating a TON of ice cream to stay cool. But I’m not going to be selfish and keep all the ice cream to myself. I’ve created this list of favorite places close to campus to get a delicious scoop this summer. 

1) Frio Mexican Treats, 131 W. Wisconsin Ave., Appleton 

Frio Mexican Treats is a family-run Mexican ice cream shop. The owner moved to Wisconsin from Mexico 17 years ago, fell in love with Appleton, and decided to open Frio Mexican Treats. This shop has brought delicious, authentic Mexican treats to the area, and we are all grateful for it. 

Favorite frozen treat: I LOVE apple pie, and Frio’s has an Apple Pie-flavored churro sundae! It is made with Mexican vanilla ice cream topped with apple pie filling and two cinnamon sugar churros … is anyone else drooling? 

2) Crazy Sweet, 514 W. College Ave., Appleton 

An ice cream stuffed donut – need I say more? Crazy Sweet is sure to fulfill anyone’s sweet-tooth cravings. It’s comprised of a full candy shop, with more than 300 candy options, attached to an ice cream shop that has 16 rotating flavors of Cedar Crest made here in Wisconsin. If you are in the mood for a float, a pile-high sundae, or just a scoop, Crazy Sweet has you covered. (Note that Crazy Sweet reopened with new owners in its new location last summer; it’s a little longer walk from campus, but still so worth it.)

Favorite Frozen Treat: ICE CREAM. STUFFED. DONUT.   

3) JD’s Drive In, 1939 E. John St., Appleton 

Because it’s located so close to the Banta Bowl and Alexander Gym, JD’s Drive In is a good bet for Lawrentians. It’s known for delicious and cheap burgers that hit the spot after a home game or practice. But did you know it’s also a perfect spot to get a cold treat? JD’s serves up some of the best soft serve that you can get, topped with or dipped in toppings of your choice. JD’s frozen menu also features a heavenly ice cream sandwich and what it calls a Storm, which is a legendary soft serve blended with mix-ins of your choice. 

Favorite frozen treat: Ice cream sandwiches are the way to my heart, and when there are ice cream sandwiches half off every Wednesday, sign me up.   

4) Cold Stone, 420 E. Calumet St., Suite D, Appleton 

Cold Stone is obviously not exclusive to Appleton, but it does hold the crown (in my opinion) for best cold treats. With more than 50 ice cream flavors and toppings to choose from, there is truly no end to the possibilities you can create. They are not limited to just ice cream, also featuring frozen yogurt, sorbet, and ice cream cakes.  

Favorite frozen treat: Dirt is not usually a flavor people would go for, but when the dirt is made of chocolate ice cream and Oreo cookies, well, I think you’ll love eating dirt, too.  

5) Copper Rock, 210 W. College Ave., Appleton 

Copper Rock is a cozy coffee shop located just blocks from campus, known for its globally sourced coffee. Copper Rock also is a great spot to chill out with delicious gelato. It has a case of 12 flavors made in the gelato kitchen right in the store.  

Favorite frozen treat: The Chocolate Cupcake Gelato is unmatched.  

6) Kwik Trip, 730 E. Wisconsin Ave., Appleton 

I know what you’re thinking, “How did Kwik Trip make this list?” In my defense, my first time at a Kwik Trip was in Appleton, as the convenience store chain is a Wisconsin-based enterprise. It was also my first time seeing a gas station with a make-your-own milkshake machine. And might I add, the milkshakes are AMAZING. 

Favorite frozen treat: Cookies and Cream Milkshake is my go-to.  

7) Culver’s, 3631 E. Calumet St., Appleton 

Culver’s is a Wisconsin staple known for its delectable ButterBurger. But this list is about ice cream, so let’s take a moment to appreciate the fresh frozen custard — the chocolate and vanilla flavors are made in the store all day. Despite only making chocolate and vanilla, Culver’s still provides lots of ways for you to make the custard your own, offering a wide selection of mix-ins. Culver’s also has different options for the way you can get your custard served — cone, shake, or in their famous concrete mixer.       

Favorite frozen treat: Salted Carmel Concrete Mixer with Brownie is my favorite.

8) Knotted Cone, food truck. Check the schedule online to see if they’re in town: https://theknottedcone.com/

The Knotted Cone is a gelato truck that travels throughout the Fox Valley but spends most of its time in Appleton. The business started after the owner spent two months backpacking through Europe. There she fell in love with gelato and decided to return to Italy to study gelato-making. All of Knotted Cones ingredients are either locally sourced or come straight from Italy, so you know you are getting a quality treat.  

Favorite frozen treat: The French Pressed Coffee Cream is delectable.  

9) Twist, N1716 Hyacinth Lane, Greenville  

The Twist Ice Cream Company is not quite in Appleton, but it is in close proximity and its ice cream is way too delicious to have not made the list. Twist is a family-owned business that has been serving scoops of creamy deliciousness since 2011. Twist is only open from April to October, so be sure to stop by while you still can.    

Favorite frozen treat: Brownie Bite Arctic Twist is beyond satisfying. 

10) Doughlicious, 322 W. College Ave, Appleton. The newest entry on our updated list. It’s just a short walk from campus and there’s a colorful sign that draws you in. They have ice cream here, but the main draw is the wide variety of cookie dough, with two flavors always being gluten free and vegan.

Favorite frozen treat: Mix the cookies-and-cream cookie dough with vanilla ice cream and then enjoy my treat on their comfy couches.