Our video team captured and shared a lot of powerful moments in 2020, from outdoor fun to preparing our community for life during the pandemic. Here’s a look at 10 of our favorites.

2020 Video Rewind

Here are our 10 favorite videos in 2020 produced by Lawrence University’s Communications video team.

1. Ormsby Lake (January)

A 75-Year Tradition

A look at the creation of Ormsby Lake from wooden barriers and grass to broomball and ice skating.

2. Makerspace (February)


The Lawrence University Makerspace nurtures diverse interests, values, initiative, and celebrates accomplishment. All Lawrence students use the space free of charge, to creatively pursue their own interests (both in the classroom and independently). The Makerspace provides a collaborative environment where the entire Lawrence community comes together to create something entirely new.

3. Cultural Expressions (February)

Cultural Expressions

A look in from behind the scenes to premiere night of Black Student Union’s Cultural Expressions at the end of People of Color Empowerment Week. 
Created by student video fellows Louric Rankine ’21, Tien Tran ’20, and Ethan Dorer ’20.

Spring 2020

Messages from the Lawrence community to welcome everyone back to spring term. Shine bright, Lawrentians.

5. Rivers and Trails (April)

Rivers & Trails

The Lawrence University campus sits between downtown Appleton and the Fox River. With a variety of parks to explore, there’s always new adventure within reach.

A Fresh Look for Alex Gym

Take a look behind the scenes as Alexander Gymnasium’s floor is refinished with a new design. 
Thank you to our generous donors who made this exciting transformation possible!

Congratulations Class of 2020

Kelci Page ’20 paints a mural for the Class of 2020 along Drew Street.

8. Honor the Pledge (August)

Community Expectations

Ensuring the health and safety of the Lawrence University community and beyond only works when we all do our part, together.

9. Luminaries (September)

Reimagining the President’s Handshake

In a reimagining of the traditional President’s Handshake, the students made their way to the President’s House, where President Mark Burstein greeted each one on the lawn – masks on, from 6 feet apart – welcoming them to Lawrence and presenting them with a luminary. The students then brought the luminary to the front of Main Hall, placing it with those of their classmates.

10. Student Orgs (November)

Empower Student Voices

Lawrence has a variety of student-led organizations, embedded in every facet of the campus community. These groups empower student voices, celebrate culture and identity, and provide a launchpad for exploration.

Bonus: Public Art

Public Art

Explore public art across the Lawrence campus and downtown Appleton. 
Created by student video fellow Luke Le ’22.