Nominate an alum to receive an LUAA Alumni Award.

Alumni awards are presented for distinguished achievement in a career field, service to society, and service to the college and are conferred each year during Reunion.

Nominations are due by August 19 preceding the recipient’s Reunion year.

Because many alumni are nominated each year, we ask that you share background information on the nominee and keep this process confidential. Candidates are researched by the Lawrence University Alumni Association nominations and awards committee. A member of this group may contact you for additional information.

Nominee Information

Nominee Name
Award Category

Describe why you believe this nominee is qualified to receive an alumni award from the Lawrence University Alumni Association.

Please give consideration to the following criteria:

  1. Significance of contributions.  A candidate's achievements should be recognized on a national or international level and be supported by some but not necessarily all of the following: awards, publications, memberships, leadership positions, career development, and peer recommendations.
  2. Breadth of contributions.  A candidate’s achievements should extend beyond job expectations and exemplify the ideals of a liberal education through responsible and meaningful citizenship their community, the nation, and/or the world.
  3. Ongoing loyalty, dedication and participation in advancing the programs and mission of Lawrence University.

Nominator Information

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Who may we contact for further information?

This would be a person other than the Nominator who could speak to the Nominee's qualifications for the award. 
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