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To begin your application, select either the Common Application or the Lawrence Application. Both applications are the same, so use whichever your prefer. (Our advice: if you are applying to other colleges and universities who use the Common Application, this is a great choice. If you are not applying to other schools who use the Common Application, the Lawrence Application may work better for you.)

Common Application: Apply for 2018-19 Academic Year

Lawrence Application: Apply for 2018-19 Academic Year

Application Requirements

All Applicants Conservatory International
  • Complete requirements for all applicants, plus:
    • Audition
    • Music teacher evaluation
    • Music resume
  • Complete requirements for all applicants (and Conservatory requirements, if applicable), plus:
    • Proof of English proficiency
    • Copy of identification page of valid passport
    • Lawrence Certification of Finance Form

You can still apply now as Regular Decision until February 15 to be notified of admission and scholarship by April 1!

Admissions Deadlines

Apply By Notified By Deposit By
Early Decision (binding) Oct. 31 Dec. 1 Dec. 15
Early Action 1 Nov. 1 Dec. 15 May 1
Early Action 2 Dec. 1 Jan. 25 May 1
Regular Decision Feb. 15 April 1 May 1

If you're applying for a degree in the arts or sciences (e.g., in the humanities, visual arts, natural/life sciences, social sciences, etc.), you may apply during any of the application rounds.

If you are applying for a degree in music, you may choose either Early Decision, Early Action 1, or Regular Decision. (Learn more about Conservatory admission and auditions.)


Financial Aid Deadlines

Financial Aid
Priority Date
Financial Aid
Early Decision Oct. 31 Dec. 1
Early Action 1 Nov. 1 Jan. 15
Early Action 2 Dec. 1 Feb. 22
Regular Decision Jan. 15 April 1

Note: If you miss the financial aid priority deadline associated with your admission application, you may apply under any subsequent financial aid priority deadline. (Lawrence University sends financial aid awards only to admitted students.)

Learn more about applying for financial aid.

What We Consider

Application review is about more than just evaluating a transcript and some test scores. Lawrence's review process takes into consideration every piece of information you choose to send our way.

Learn more about what we consider in the application process if you are a:·        

Please connect with a counselor or call us at 800-227-0982 if you have any questions. If calling from outside the US, call (01) 920-832-6500.

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