Admitted students can submit the enrollment deposit in one of two ways:

When you log into your status page at, click on the link to your Enrollment Form on the front page. You’ll just answer a few quick questions about your enrollment decision and then it will guide you through submitting your $400 non-refundable deposit!

Or, if you want to pay the old-school way, send us a $400 check made payable to Lawrence University. Please be sure to put your name (the individual attending Lawrence) on the memo line of the check. Send it to:

Lawrence University Admissions
711 E. Boldt Way
Appleton, WI 54911

Note: May 1 is a postmark date. Drop it in the mail early enough by May 1 to ensure it's postmarked, and you'll be good to go.

Pay the Enrollment Deposit Online

You can pay your deposit online through your Lawrence University applicant status page. Here are some screenshots with instructions to show you how it works. (Note: the multiple steps below are more a reflection of over-eager helpfulness on our part rather than rocket-science like complexity of the process. If you've ever conducted an online transaction, all of this will be familiar to you.)

1. When logged into your status page, click “Submit Payment for 400.00 USD”


2. Click “Submit Payment”


3. First, you must select either credit or electronic check and press “Continue Checkout”


4a. If you select credit card, enter credit card information and press “Continue Checkout”


4b. If you select electronic check, fill out bank and checking account information, press “Continue Checkout”


5. Confirm your information, press “submit payment”


6. Almost done! Here is the confirmation page. A receipt will be sent to the email address entered on the payment page but you can select to email another receipt or view a printable version. Press “click to finish” to complete.


7. Welcome to Lawrence!

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