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The trustees of Lawrence University are responsible for the stewardship and wellbeing of the institution Amos Lawrence called "a great and good work." Leadership from the Board supports the development of strategic initiatives and priorities, and also ensures the fiscal and operational health of the University through management of the institution's investments and oversight of its finances. The Board also keeps abreast of the rapidly changing higher-education sector and works collaboratively with the administration to plot a course for the future of Lawrence.

The Board consists of between 25 and 35 elected Term Trustees, 60 percent of whom must be alumni of the University, up to three Recent Graduate Trustees, and the President of the University. Each Term Trustee serves a three-year term and is eligible for reelection for four consecutive, full terms. Trustees who have reached a term limit may not be reelected to renew service before taking a one-year hiatus. Recent Graduate Trustees are eligible for a single three-year term, and may not be elected to Term Trustee status until completion of at least a one year hiatus. The chair of the Faculty Governance Committee and the presidents of the Lawrence University Community Council and the Lawrence University Alumni Association Board observe meetings of the Board of Trustees. 

Formal meetings of the Lawrence University Board of Trustees are held three times during the academic year; in the Fall, Winter and Spring Terms. Special meetings of the Board may be called at any time, and a number of committees meet between formal meetings as business requires.

Spring 2019 Meeting Summary

The Board of Trustees held its spring meeting from May 15-17 on the Lawrence University campus in Appleton, WI. Ahead of the meeting, the Board was provided with materials to prepare for conversations on campus. Included in the materials were administrative reports from the president’s cabinet and the observers representing the Faculty Governance Committee, the Lawrence University Community Council (LUCC) and Lawrence University Alumni Association (LUAA).

The meeting began with a reception and dinner with students on Wednesday, May 15. The topic of the discussion was “belonging”. Vice President for Student Life Chris Card kicked off the conversation by sharing that belonging might be defined as students’ perceived social support on campus, a feeling of being connected or feeling cared about, accepted, respected and valued by the group. Students in attendance shared the places where they felt that they did and did not belong. The group also discussed strategies that may help to increase students’ sense of belonging at Lawrence. It was noted that diversity and inclusion efforts on campus were appreciated, that more could be done to incentivize interactions between student groups (including politics, religion, College and Conservatory, etc.) and that formal mentorship programs could be beneficial. In attendance were students from a range of class years and affiliations, trustees, and members of the President’s Cabinet.

During the meeting, reports were delivered from the President and the Chair of the Board. Trustees and the president’s cabinet revisited the university’s strategic plan, Veritas est Lux, and advised on priority areas for the next academic year. At the meeting, the Finance Committee endorsed the proposed FY20 budget, including a special endowment draw. The Board also approved a Real Estate Transaction Policy.

In the course of the meeting, the Board:

• Approved the election of Mei Xian Gong ’11 as a Recent Graduate Trustee
• Approved the election of Frederick Fisher as a Term Trustee
• Approved the election of Cheryl Wilson Kopecky ’72 as a Term Trustee
• Approved the election of Jon M. Stellmacher as a Term Trustee
• Approved the appointment of Michael Cisler ’78 as a Non-Trustee Committee Member of the Buildings and Grounds Committee
• Approved the appointment of Steven Mech ’93 as a Non-Trustee Committee Member of the Buildings and Grounds Committee
• Approved the promotion of Scott Corry to Professor (Mathematics)
• Approved the promotion of Andrew Knudsen to Professor (Geology)
• Approved the promotion of David McGlynn to Professor (English)
• Approved the promotion of Rob Neilson to Professor (Art)
• Approved the promotion of Arnold Shober to Professor (Government)
• Approved the granting of an honorary degree for the 2020 Commencement speaker to be announced in early 2020.

The next meeting of the Board is scheduled for October 30-November 1, 2019 at Björklunden.

Upcoming Dates


August Committee Meetings
August 7, 2019

Fall Board Meeting
October 30-November 1, 2019

December Committee Meetings
December 3, 2019

Winter Board Meeting
February 5-7, 2020

Spring Board Meeting
May 13-15, 2020