LUCC Environmental Project Fund

In February 2012, a $5 per term ($15/year) Sustainability Fee was approved by the students and the Board of Trustees to establish the LUCC Sustainability Fund. All project proposals must be for infrastructural changes, defined as physical facilities or installations contributing to the operation of the university, that have a positive financial return of better than twelve years. Students can apply for the Environmental Project Fund through the Sustainability Steering Committee approval process. Questions? Contact the committee here.

Project Application Form

Purpose Statement
Budget Outline
Using the boxes below, please develop a budget outline based on an estimate of expenses
Project Outcome
It is required that your project results in a final product that can be shared with the campus community. Examples include an essay that describes the findings of your research, an organized event for the campus community, a sign that describes the change implemented by the project.
Terms and Conditions
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Terms and Conditions

Awarded students must complete the following requirements:
     1. Work with a Faculty or Community Advisor that will oversee the progress of work
     2. Complete all necessary paperwork.
a. For those projects/internships that take place in another country, verification that travel and medical insurance has been purchased will be required, and students must complete all additional paperwork required for international travel.
b. For those opportunities that are considered internships, students will need to work with the Career Services internship program.
     3. Work with the Sustainability Coordinator to create a reflective video or project which addresses how your  experience relates to current environmental issues and has impacted you academic profile.
If a student fails to complete their project or any of the conditions below, they may be asked to return all or part of the funding.
Tax Note Regarding Funding
Note for international students: Per I.R.S. regulations on payments to Nonresident Aliens, the award will be taxed upfront and will be included on your form 1042-S. If you have any questions regarding this tax treatment and/or tax form, please contact Financial Services,
Note for domestic students: Per I.R.S. regulations, the award you receive will be reported to the I.R.S. and will result in you receiving a 1099 miscellaneous income form from Lawrence University. If you have any questions regarding this tax treatment and/or tax form, please contact Financial Services,