Charge to the Strategic Planning Task Force

  1. Develop an inclusive and consultative approach to articulating first a long-range (~10 year) vision for Lawrence and then a strategic plan to guide our work for the next five years. Determine how best everyone can be represented, particularly including all consultant stakeholders.
  2. Implement a dreaming and planning process that allows and encourages input from staff, administrative areas, faculty committees and other faculty, and students. This should be a guided process that might begin with questions about what we want Lawrence to look like in ten years, that would take into consideration the successes and continuing challenges from the 2005-2010 Strategic Plan, and end with, 'how should we start working to achieve our vision?'
  3. Determine the structure of the Strategic Plan document (perhaps compare to documents from other institutions as well as our previous Plan) including topics, strategic goals, and benchmarks where appropriate.
  4. Produce the Strategic Plan document in consultation with stakeholders.
  5. Recommend a method and schedule for monitoring progress on, and modifying if needed, the Strategic Plan as part of the document.
  6. Suggested Time-Line:
    1. Gather aspirations and goals from the LU Community, Winter-Spring 2010
    2. Present outline of Strategic Plan to Campus Community
    3. Present Draft Plan to Trustees, January 2011
    4. First reading of Strategic Plan document, February 2011 faculty meeting
    5. Faculty Vote on Strategic Plan, March Faculty meeting
    6. Presentation of final document to Trustees, May 2011 for approval


  • Beth De Stasio (co-chair)
  • Brian Pertl (co-chair)
  • Dave Burrows
  • Mike Cisler, Trustee liaison
  • Jake Frederick
  • Pete Gilbert
  • Cal Husmann (or designate)
  • Cathy Kautsky
  • Rob Neilson
  • Peter Peregrine
  • Megan Pickett
  • Steve Syverson
  • Nancy Truesdell/Amy Uecke
  • Stephanie Vrabec, Alumni liaison
  • 2 Students: Eric Weinlander and Eric Murray

Consultant Stakeholders

  • Athletics
  • Business Affairs
  • Facilities Services
  • Faculty
  • Faculty Committees
  • Green Roots
  • Library
  • ITS
  • Staff
  • Students

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