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Spring Term 2021
Course CRN Title Attributes Enrollment Limit Class Time Instructor(s)
HIST 179 3189 MODERN LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY G L:30 R:32 W:0 12:30-01:40 MWF CHAP Jake Frederick
HIST 371 3185 NATIVE AMERICAN EMPIRES G L:24 R:21 W:0 09:50-11:00 MWF WRCC 226 Jake Frederick
SPAN 320 3023 INTRODUCTION TO LITERARY TEXTS W L:15 R:12 W:0 09:50-11:00 MWF Madera Allan
SPAN 425 3024 LATIN AMERICAN VISUAL ART G, S L:15 R:9 W:0 12:30-02:20 TR Gustavo C. Fares
SPAN 580 3028 CONTEMPORARY FILM & FICTION G, A, M L:15 R:15 W:0 12:30-01:40 MWF Rosa Tapia