Please note: The information displayed here is current as of Wednesday, July 8, 2020, but the official Course Catalog should be used for all official planning.

2019-2020 Course Catalog


This catalog was created on Wednesday, July 8, 2020.


Admission to the university

Lawrence admits students whose talents and aspirations match well with what the university has to offer and who will contribute to our academic and residential community. Strong candidates for admission have taken at least 16 academic units from the areas of English, mathematics, history, social studies, natural sciences, and foreign languages. We are interested in students who have challenged themselves in high school, who have performed well in their academic work, who express themselves well both verbally and in writing, who understand the value of a liberal arts education, and who are imaginative, energetic, and willing to become active members of a learning community.

Lawrence considers the strength of each applicant’s course of study, grades, recommendations, and extracurricular activities, roughly in that order. First-year candidates are required to submit secondary school transcripts and a teacher's recommendation along with the application and secondary school report. Lawrence will consider, but does not require, SAT or ACT scores for admission. International students whose primary language is not English must submit the results of the ACT, SAT, IELTS (International English Language Testing System), or the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language).

Candidates for the Bachelor of Music degree and for the five-year B.A./B.Mus. double-degree program are evaluated additionally on musicianship, musical background, performance potential, and music teachers’ recommendations. Along with the regular application forms, music degree applicants must submit a music resume and a recommendation from a private music teacher and must audition on their primary instrument. They may audition on additional instruments if they choose.

We welcome applications from transfer students who wish to complete their degree at Lawrence. Transfer candidates are required to submit college transcripts and a college faculty recommendation along with the application and final high school transcript. Lawrence accepts, but does not require, SAT or ACT scores for transfer admission. Transfer candidates for the music degree must also submit a music resume and a recommendation from a music teacher and must audition on their primary instrument. Generally, coursework in the arts and sciences completed satisfactorily at accredited institutions is accepted toward a Lawrence degree.

Lawrence also accepts qualified applicants for early admission who are prepared to graduate from high school at the end of their junior year.

For information on residence requirements for each degree program, please see Residence Requirements under Degree Requirements in the course catalog.

Application deadlines

There are four application deadlines for first-year students planning to enroll in September.

Early Decision: November 1 (notification by December 1)
Early Action I: November 1 (notification by December 15)
Early Action II: December 1 (notification by January 25)
Regular Decision: January 15 (notification by April 1)

Students admitted through Early Decision are expected to enroll at Lawrence and to submit their enrollment deposit by December 15. All other admitted students have until the May 1 National Candidates Reply Date to choose to accept or decline Lawrence’s offer of admission.

Transfer students are welcome members of our community and offer perspectives that enrich their own educational experience as well as those of other students. A student should apply for transfer admission if they have attempted at least 12 credit hours at another college or university after high school completion or completed an associate of arts or science degree. We take a holistic approach to admission and scholarship consideration for all students. We accept transfer students for any of our three terms but highly encourage students to apply for fall or winter terms, which have start dates that align more closely with a traditional semester calendar.

Fall Term: Rolling admission with a July 1 priority deadline
Winter Term: November 1 (notification November 15)
Spring Term: February 1 (notification February 15)