2023-2024 Course Catalog

Please note: The information displayed here is current as of Tuesday, December 5, 2023, but the official Course Catalog should be used for all official planning.

About Lawrence

Mission statement

Lawrence University of Wisconsin, through its undergraduate residential college and Conservatory of Music, educates students in the liberal arts and sciences. The university is devoted to excellence and integrity in all of its activities and committed to the development of intellect and talent, the pursuit of knowledge and understanding, the cultivation of sound judgment, and respect for the perspectives of others. Lawrence prepares students for lives of achievement, responsible and meaningful citizenship, lifelong learning, and personal fulfillment. As a diverse learning community of scholars and artists, we actively foster a transformative process that emphasizes engaged learning, supported by an environment of rich educational opportunities in a residential campus setting.

Educational philosophy

Students enter Lawrence at a time when they are actively forging their identities and seeking their places in the world. A Lawrence education is therefore transformative: We strive to help each student develop as a liberally educated person who can think deeply and creatively about ideas, gather and analyze evidence, communicate effectively, and articulate a personal identity that leads to thoughtful life choices. This transformation is supported by a learning community that immerses students in the breadth of human experience, engages ideas in a spirit of open discourse, values the uniqueness of the individual, and celebrates accomplishment. The foundation for this learning community is a vibrant, safe, and healthful residential campus that contains talented and diverse groups of students, faculty, administrators, and staff. Our residential experience is enhanced by opportunities to study abroad and to become involved in the wider community. The university values effective teaching combined with distinguished scholarship and creative activity.

We see in each student the potential to become an informed, independent thinker and concerned, responsible citizen. Lawrence students can personalize their learning through interactions with peers, professors, and staff in a wide variety of settings, both formal and informal. The process begins with our First-Year Studies program, continues through the sophomore and junior years, and ends with the Senior Experience.

Statements on inclusion and non-discrimination

The Faculty of Lawrence University reaffirms its commitment to fostering a diverse and welcoming learning community that embraces all members, including those marginalized by aspects of their identities. The principles of respect and inclusion are critical to our mission as an educational institution dedicated to cultivating dialogue across differences and to the development of meaningful citizenship that will meet the challenges of a complex world.

Lawrence University is committed to providing equal access and opportunity to qualified individuals of all backgrounds. In accordance with this policy and with applicable federal and state law, the University prohibits discrimination in admissions, its programs and activities, employment and advancement on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, pregnancy, genetic information, disability, military service, protected veteran status, political affiliation, arrest record or conviction record. Retaliation against an individual for filing a discrimination complaint or for participating in a complaint investigation violates this policy and may constitute a form of illegal discrimination. University policy also prohibits harassment of individuals on any of the bases listed above. An act based on an individual's status as listed above may violate this policy and warrant University discipline even if the act does not rise to the level of unlawful discrimination, retaliation or harassment.

To request information or assistance or to file a complaint for violations of this policy, contact the Vice President for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Antiracism, and Support Programs, 2nd floor of Wilson House, at 920-832-7451.

Lawrence in the community

​Lawrence is part of an intellectual and creative community that includes Appleton and the Fox Valley, Lawrence's alumni, and the larger global community. We are committed to providing service to and learning from the larger community. Through our academic programs and such resources as Björklunden, the Lawrence Community Music School, the Esch-Hurvis Center for Spiritual and Religious Life, the Center for Community Engagement and Social Change, and the Career Center, Lawrence contributes to the vitality of the surrounding community by:

  • making available programs of cultural enrichment;
  • placing students in the community as volunteers, interns, musicians, and tutors;
  • drawing on the knowledge and experience of members of the community to explore significant issues;
  • certifying public school teachers in the state of Wisconsin; and
  • providing opportunities for alumni to stay connected to Lawrence and each other while encouraging their lifelong interest in learning.


Lawrence University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, and the Conservatory of Music is a member in good standing of the National Association of Schools of Music.