Lawrence students and faculty present concerts at local organizations throughout the Fox Valley. Lawrence has partnered with the Pillars Adult Shelter, the Freedom Center Food Pantry, Riverview Gardens' ServiceWorks program, Touchmark Retirement Home, various local schools, and other community venues.

These concerts are coordinated by Professors Michael Mizrahi and Erin Lesser. Mizrahi and Lesser believe that communities are made stronger through positive interaction and shared experiences, and that music has the power to connect people, transcend social barriers and provide meaningful emotional experiences.


Pillars Adult Shelter provides overnight, temporary shelter to adult men and women who are experiencing homelessness, and collaborates with community resources to pave a path toward self-sufficiency. Once inside, they are provided with life’s basic needs—shelter, food, clothing and safety—plus so much more.

The Freedom Center Food Pantry is located in one of the largest poverty pockets in the Fox Valley. With the help of a few churches working together, the pantry opened in the early part of 2010. During the first few months, they served 14 families per week and now serve up to over 300 families per week. Their doors are open every Wednesday from 2:45-6:00pm.

At local elementary, junior high, and high schools, Conservatory students work with Lawrence faculty to plan presentations on musical topics catered to the current curriculum and ages of the students. These presentations provide Conservatory students the opportunity to work with younger students in a classroom setting.

If you are interested in having Lawrence students come to perform at your organization, or if you are a Lawrence student who wants to get involved in this type of community performance, please contact Betsy Kowal Jett, Professors Michael Mizrahi, or Erin Lesser.

Drummer, violinist, and guitarist perorm on a small stage.
Violinist plays in a casual setting for people in folding chairs.