2021-2022 Season

Theatre Season Brochure opening imageFall Term
The Living by Anthony Clarvoe

Directed by Timothy X. Troy

Set during the 1665 bubonic plague in London, Clarvoe's 1993 play was a poignant and timely metaphor of the HIV/AIDS crisis.  Our experience with COVID brings new insight to this challenging and hopeful play about resignation and resilience during the grips of a pandemic.

Stansbury Theatre
Oct 28, 29 @ 8PM
Oct 30 @ 3pm

Winter Term
Molière Inspired

Directed by Kathy Privatt

An evening of 3 one-acts:  1 by Molière, and 2 inspired by Molière - in celebration of his 400th birthday.  Funded by a Summer Research Grant, LU student Claire Chamberlin  translated short plays under the supervision of Prof. Eilend Hoft-March.  These new plays are part of the "10 sur 10" project, created by Drameducation, a French-speaking theatre center in Poland.  The project commissions playwrights across the globe to write new works inspired by Molière.

Cloak Theatre
Feb 18, 19 @ 8PM
Feb 19 @3PM

Spring Term
towards precipice + glacier

Directed by Mauriah Donegan Kraker

A multimedia exploration into forces that have shaped this land, and us. A devised work created through a student and faculty collaborative process. An ever-shifting environment of live sound, movement + text, the rise and fall of landscapes past and present.

Stansbury Theatre
May 14, 15 @ 3PM
May 15 @ 8PM

For tickets please call our box office: (920) 832-6749

Senior Projects Productions

Please see go.lawrence.edu/events for updates on our Senior Projects productions. You’ll usually find them in Cloak Theatre at 8 p.m. Tickets are free. Please contact the Box Office to reserve a seat.