Fit Bit

Ever wonder how many steps you take or how well you sleep.  A Fitbit HR charge is now available at the Wellness Center. Check it out for a full 7 days and get a web report of your activity. Contact Erin Buenzli at erin.

Ways to get fit at work

Get Active at Work

Office Yoga Poses-Try these five yoga poses for a midday feel good stretch that will leave you tension-free and energized.

Fit While You Sit-These office exercises are a great way to keep you moving your body right at your desk.

Massage Opportunities

Full-Body Therapeutic Massage
Sign up now for Spring Term.  Available in the through the YMCA. Each student staff and faculty are eligible for one discounted massage a term.

The cost is $20 for 60 minutes.  Students, staff and faculty may schedule an appointment by contacting Erin Buenzli at or 832-7190 and must pay cash at the appointment. Term I sign up starts September 1st, Term II sign up January 5th and Term 3 March 30th.


Click this link: Assist ERC for the February/March work/life balance newsletter!

This issue highlights:
·  Lowering Your Risk of Heart Disease
·  Making Housework Manageable
·  Looking at Happiness as a Choice

For additional resources to help you achieve a healthy balance in life, visit, and
     - Click on “Work/Life Resources” at the top of the page
     - Click on the “Work/Life Services” link
     - Click on the “REGISTER” button toward the right side of the screen
     - Create your unique UserName and Password, using Company Code: LAWRENCE

In addition to these resources, confidential counseling services through ASSIST ERC are available to you at no cost 24/7 by calling 1-800-222-8590.

Read Their Stories

WELLU would like to share the following testimonials with you on behalf of fellow Lawrence colleagues who have chosen to share their personal stories of how breast cancer has affected their lives.


From Janice Staedt

A personal message from Lawrence University Staff Member
Janice Staedt, Alumni and Constituency Engagement

I am in the midst of my journey to being a breast cancer survivor. I was diagnosed in May and treatments and another surgery will take me to next spring and beyond. It is a battle, but support from family, friends and co-workers sustain me.

I encourage women to have annual screenings. My cancer did not show up on a mammogram or an ultra sound so I encourage both women and men to pay attention to their bodies. Early detection is key to survival.

Keep supporting this cause and if you are touched by other causes, support them as well.

~Janice Staedt


From Patty Leiker

A personal message from Lawrence University Staff Member
Patty Leiker, Human Resources

I’ll never forget the day, December 13, 2006, when I unexpectedly heard those three dreaded words, “You have cancer”.  Having just turned 40 with no family history of breast cancer, I was shocked.  While doing a self-breast exam (just three weeks before my scheduled mammogram), I found a lump.  I immediately thought the worst and then my mind went to “No way – it couldn’t be”.  I immediately called my doctor and just three days later it was confirmed.  After a lumpectomy, several months of chemotherapy, followed by six weeks of radiation, and five years of adjuvant therapy, I am thankful and blessed to be alive.

If you are age 20 or 30 or 40 or 50, no matter what age you are, I cannot stress enough the importance of regular monthly self-exams and mammography.  Since my cancer was fast-growing, it is an early diagnosis that saved my life.  So my message to all women AND MEN, is to know your body, do regular self-exams, and seek medical attention immediately if you have any suspicions.  No matter what type of cancer, early detection is the key to survival.

- Patty Leiker


Competing in the Olde English Classic

For the fourth year in a row, Lawrence University fielded a team of faculty, staff and partners/spouses to compete in the Olde English Classic 5k in Beloit, Wisconsin.  From left to right in the photo, Allison Fleshman (chemistry), Amy Nottingham-Martin (Freshman Studies), Doug Martin (physics), Kevin Kelleher (spouse of LU faculty member), Tammy Wagner (communications), Matt Stoneking (physics), Stephanie Stefonik (financial services), and Mary Good (anthropology) responded to the challenge issued by Beloit College president, Scott Bierman.  On a beautiful September morning, the Shoehorn Trophy once again remained in Beloit despite the best efforts of the crew from Appleton to hurdle hay bales and ford streams along the wooded course.  But they will be back next year to assemble at the start line when the bugle is sounded. 

Matthew R. Stoneking, Professor of Physics

Well Workplace Award

The Well Workplace Award:

1. Integrates health promotion into the way Lawrence University does business by weaving healthy lifestyles into the fabric of our culture using WELCOA's "Seven C's" approach.
2. Validates our health promotion efforts. All Well Workplaces applications are reviewed by a prestigious group of health promotion professionals, dedicated to improved health and well-being on a national level.
3. Communicates our vision for the future. The commitment to achieving WELCOA’s Well Workplace award shows that we have placed employee wellness as an integral part of our core vision and mission.
4. Demonstrates that we are dedicated to improving the health and well-being of our faculty and staff, making quality of life a top priority.

Student Health 101

Check out great fitness, nutrition and wellness related topics for students, staff and faculty. Lawrentains are featured in a monthly video poll and much more. Click the SH101 image below!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

  • LU Taijitsu
    5:30pm Buchanan Kiewit Wellness Ctr 211 - Multipurpose Room
    Biweekly training in self-defense, open to all.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

  • Yoga
    11:15am Warch Campus Center 224 - Esch Hurvis Studio (Esch)
    Need Stress Relief? Do Yoga!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

  • TRX
    12:00pm Buchanan Kiewit Wellness Ctr 211 - Multipurpose Room
    Check out this full body workout based on the TRX suspension trainer. The 45 minute workout will focus on body weight exercises. Each exercise with engage your core and integrate cardio is a safe, effective and FUN way
  • Yoga
    5:00pm Warch Campus Center 224 - Esch Hurvis Studio (Esch)
    Need Stress Relief? Do Yoga!
  • LU Taijitsu
    6:00pm Buchanan Kiewit Wellness Ctr 211 - Multipurpose Room
    Biweekly training in self-defense, open to all.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

  • Yoga
    11:15am Warch Campus Center 224 - Esch Hurvis Studio (Esch)
    Need Stress Relief? Do Yoga!
  • Weekly Meditation
    12:30pm Memorial Hall 116 - Seminar Room
    Short reading, 30-minute meditation, time for questions. This session is open to everyone. The room contains wooden chairs and couches. If you need a meditation cushion, please bring your own.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

  • TWERKify Your Life
    2:45pm Buchanan Kiewit Wellness Ctr 211 - Multipurpose Room
    I, Ms. T, will be teaching a dance classes Saturdays to promote body positivity through twerking. Individuals will be able to learn speed/endurance, form/technique, and rhythm through twerking. Classes are 1hr long. For 10Mins before each class, there will be Stretching. For 15Mins after each class, there will be Meditation. 3PM Class Focus: Speed/Endurance & Forms: Standing, Headstand, Squatting, Laying, etc. 7PM Class Focus: Technique & Rhythm Freestyle TWERKation: Show Us Your Moves! Thank You!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

  • LU Taijitsu
    5:30pm Buchanan Kiewit Wellness Ctr 211 - Multipurpose Room
    Biweekly training in self-defense, open to all.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

  • LU Taijitsu
    6:00pm Buchanan Kiewit Wellness Ctr 211 - Multipurpose Room
    Biweekly training in self-defense, open to all.

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