Lawrence University offers two degrees: the Bachelor of Arts (from our college of arts and sciences, home to about 80% of our students) and the Bachelor of Music (from our conservatory of music, home to about 20%). Roughly half of our conservatory students are pursuing both a BA and a BMus in a special 5-year double-degree program.

Lawrence University offers dozens of academic programs to fit your interests and passions.

Area Type(s) of Study
Anthropology MajorMinor
Art History MajorMinor
Art, Studio MajorMinor
Biochemistry Major
Biology MajorMinorInterdisciplinary Area
Biomedical Ethics Minor
Chemistry MajorMinorInterdisciplinary Area
Chinese MajorMinor
Classics MajorMinor
Cognitive Science Minor
Computer Science MajorMinor
Creative Writing Minor
East Asian Studies MajorMinor
Economics MajorMinorInterdisciplinary Area
Education, Elementary Pre-Professional
Education, Secondary Pre-Professional
Education Studies Minor
Engineering Cooperative Degree
English MajorMinor
Environmental Studies MajorMinor
Ethnic Studies MajorMinor
Forestry & Environmental Studies Cooperative Degree
Film Studies MajorMinor
French & Francophone Studies MajorMinor
Gender Studies MajorMinor
Geosciences MajorMinorInterdisciplinary Area
German MajorMinor
Global Studies Major
Government MajorMinor
Greek Minor
Health Professions Pre-Professional
History MajorMinor
Innovation & Entrepreneurship Interdisciplinary Area
Japanese Minor
Latin Minor
Latin American Studies Minor
Linguistics MajorMinor
Mathematics MajorMinor
Museum Studies Interdisciplinary Area
Music MajorMinor
Music Composition MajorMinor
Music Education MajorMinor
Music Performance MajorMinor
Music Theory MajorMinor
Natural Sciences Interdisciplinary Area
Neuroscience MajorMinor
Occupational Therapy Cooperative Degree
Philosophy MajorMinor
Physics MajorMinorInterdisciplinary Area
Pre-business Pre-Professional
Pre-dentistry Pre-Professional
Pre-law Pre-Professional
Pre-medicine Pre-Professional
Pre-nursing Pre-Professional
Pre-pharmacy Pre-Professional
Pre-physician assistant Pre-Professional
Pre-physical therapy Pre-Professional
Pre-veterinary Pre-Professional
Psychology MajorMinor
Religious Studies MajorMinor
Russian MajorMinor
Spanish MajorMinor
Theatre Arts MajorMinor
University Courses  

Major; Major: a large concentration of courses that deepen your expertise in a subject. Lawrentians must choose a major by the end of their sophomore year.

MinorMinor: a smaller concentration of courses you can pursue in addition to a major, giving you the option to deepen your interest. Does not need to be (and often is not) directly related to your major.

Interdisciplinary Area Interdisciplinary Area: similar to a minor (i.e., a smaller concentration of courses), but drawn from a number of disciplines around a theme.

Pre-Professional Pre-professional Program: a series of courses and/or course of advising that helps you focus your coursework and co-curricular activities for a particular profession for life after Lawrence.

Cooperative Degree Cooperative Degree Program: a course of study that lets you work toward completing a bachelor’s degree at Lawrence while preparing to complete another bachelor’s degree in an area at another college. Most often in a 3:2 arrangement (e.g., 3 years at Lawrence for a BA, followed by 2 years at another institution).