Elizabeth Carlson Associate Professor of Art History

  • "Cubist Chic: Mainstreaming Modernism After the Armory"

    Saturday, November 9, 2013
    Type: Conferences/Meetings/Seminar

    This paper was presented at the symposium hosted by the New York Historical Society, "The Armory Show at 100: New Perspectives." The symposium was organized in conjunction with the exhibition "The Armory Show at 100: Modern Art and Revolution."

Sonja L. Downing Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology

  • Editorial Board Member

    Wednesday, January 1, 2014
    Type: Offices (held/appointed to)
    Location: Ecomusicology Newsletter

Rosa Tapia Associate Professor of Spanish

Mark Jenike Pieper Family Professor of Servant Leadership and Associate Professor of Anthropology

  • Presentations

    Tuesday, May 5, 2015
    Type: Presentations

    Keynote address at the Weight of the Fox Valley Community Health Connection Breakfast Event, April 24 2015, Neenah WI: "Overweight and Obesity in the 21st Century: A View from Anthropology."

Gustavo C. Fares Professor of Spanish

Catherine C. Kautsky Professor of Music and Chair of Keyboard

Timothy X. Troy J. Thomas and Julie Esch Hurvis Professor of Theatre and Drama and Professor of Theatre Arts

  • Paper presented

    Wednesday, February 24, 2016
    Type: Paper presented

    Auteur Theory: How a Stage Director reads Terry Gilliam’s, Brazil (1985) Prof. Timothy X. Troy

    Combining a careful read of Gilliam’s mise-en-scene, Troy gathers fragments of Gilliam’s biography with his contributions to Monty Python’s Flying Circus to explore how auteur theory helps explain Brazil’s unique visual vocabulary, its playful sensibility, and prescient impression of an Anglo-American dystopia.

    2 March 2016. Department of Film Studies. Queen's University - Belfast.

Eric Lewellyn Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology

  • Papers published

    Tuesday, November 17, 2015
    Type: Papers published

    Eric B. Lewellyn, Ross T.A. Pedersen, Jessica Hong, Rebecca Lu, Huntly Morrison, David G. Drubin. An Engineered Minimal WASP-Myosin Fusion Protein Reveals Essential Functions for Endocytosis. Developmental Cell. 2015. Volume 35, Pages 281-294.

Antoinette Powell Music Librarian and Associate Professor

  • Research

    Sunday, October 19, 2014
    Type: Research

    Mid-2014 through 2014: Contributed research to the History Museum at the Castle's pop-up exhibit, A Stone of Hope: Black Experiences in the Fox Cities.

Meeting Minutes

The minutes from faculty meetings through 2011-2012 are located here. Please note that you'll have to login to view these documents.  To see the minutes of meetings from September 2012 to the present, click on "Resources for Faculty" in the menu to the left; scroll down to "Faculty Meeting Minutes."

2012 and 2014 National College Health Assessment surveys

In April, Scott Radtke, associate dean of students for health and wellness, presented results of the 2012 and 2014 National College Health Assessment surveys. You can view the presentation here: NCHA2014_2.pdf

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