Student Organization Leadership Orientations

 As part of a push to guarantee student organization and Greek Life leadership has the information and skills necessary to succeed at Lawrence, Campus Life and LUCC are requiring at least two student leaders attend a Student Organization Leader Orientation. We recognize that these times may not work for all students and will offer additional sessions if necessary.

There are three parts to the orientation: 1. a leadership section , 2. an event planning section, and 3. a finance section. Each organization should plan on sending at least one member to each of the sections: typically the president attends the leadership section, the social or event chair attends the event planning section, and the treasurer attends the finance section. Smaller organizations with students filling multiple of these roles should contact Nadir Carlson in the Campus Life Office if time commitments would be an issue.

There will be a more specific session covering finances in late Sept/early Oct.

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