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September 23 – November 23, 2016

FACET: Diverse Works by Women in the West

Leech and Hoffmaster Galleries






Renee Brown (MT)

Natalie Macellaio (TX)

Jessica McCambly (CA)

Lesli Robertson (TX)

Shannon Sullivan (CA)


In common use, a facet is one of the small cut and polished faces of a gem or the flat, usually smooth face or surface of an object; it is one element or aspect of something that is both distinct in itself and yet still an integral part of the larger whole.

FACET: Diverse Work by Women in the West brings together the work of five artists who hold some features of their artistic identities and practices in common but create singular bodies of sculptural work. The exhibition aims to explore shared concerns like nature, identity, beauty, material, and process through the diverse work of artists Renee Brown, Natalie Macellaio, Jessica McCambly, Lesli Robertson, and Shannon Sullivan. While each artist’s approach to these key concepts is distinctive, FACET will also draw out important connections that reveal larger formal and symbolic relations among the artworks as a cohesive group.


Arthur Thrall: Tribute to a Master Artist

Kohler Gallery

The paintings and prints of the late Arthur Thrall demonstrate a variety of graphical sources employed by the internationally recognized Wisconsin printmaker. Calligraphy, musical scores, and elegant line all play a role for their gestural, textural, and design quality.  The masterful use of exquisite and dynamic line characterizes all of Thrall’s work.

This exhibition was curated by Mary Chemotti, LU Class of 1970 and Curator of Exhibitions at the Cedarburg Art Museum, with the assistance and support of Win Thrall.



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About the Wriston Art Galleries

The mission of the Wriston Art Galleries is to strengthen Lawrence University’s liberal arts education and outreach by stimulating thought, inspiring creativity, providing insight, and inviting contemplation by students, faculty, staff, and the community through interaction with the original works of art and cultural objects that the galleries exhibit and collect.

The Wriston Art Galleries are made up of three exhibition spaces of ascending size: the Leech, Hoffmaster and Kohler Galleries.  During the academic year, the galleries present several exhibitions of regional and national significance featuring the work of contemporary artists, selections from the Permanent Collection, and examples of anthropological and ethnographic objects, as well as the Annual Senior Art Show.

The Wriston Art Galleries Permanent Collection has been built primarily through donations from generous alumni and friends of Lawrence University. The collection contains around 4,000 items: prints, drawings, paintings and sculpture, as well as coins, textiles, posters, and ritual and vernacular objects which span historical periods from antiquity to the present and come from all over the world.

Dedicated in May, 1989, the Wriston Art Center is named for Lawrence University’s 8th president, Henry Merritt Wriston (1889-1978; president, 1925-1937). The building was designed by Jefferson Riley ’68, a Lawrence alumni and graduate of the Yale School of Architecture, and Centerbrook Architects. In addition to the Galleries and the Quirk Print Study Room, the Wriston Art Center houses the Art & Art History Department.


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Poetry in the Galleries

Monday, February 27, 7 p.m. - Rita Mae Reese
Thursday, April 27, 7 p.m. - Ashley Jones


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