Mission Statement

The Office of Research Administration (ORA) is responsible for collecting and analyzing institutional research data, facilitating and supporting research activities among members of the university community, and reporting and disseminating information useful for establishing policies and making decisions.

Specifically, ORA

  • conducts studies and provides information requested by administration, departments, faculty, staff, and student groups on topics relevant to the university
  • responds to requests from federal, state, and local agencies for data and statistical information on the university
  • participates in comparative, peer-institution studies
  • collaborates with administrative and academic units in designing research and preparing grants and contracts
  • informs the university community about results of studies through regularly published reports, summaries, and updates

Data Scene

Elected Leadership Positions

  • Kristin McKinley was elected by membership to the Association for Institutional Research (AIR) Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC). She will take office during the Annual Business Meeting at the 2019 AIR Forum in Denver and serve a two-year term. The NEC is a six-member committee, chaired by the Immediate Past President, that prepares a slate of six candidates for the three positions on the NEC, six candidates for the three Member-At-Large Board positions, and two candidates for the position of Vice President. The NEC is responsible for ensuring the proper conduct of elections and reporting the results to the membership. 
  • Kristin McKinley was elected by membership to a one-year term on the HEDS Board of Directors, beginning at the end of the HEDS Annual Conference 2019.  

Global & National Presentations

Kristin McKinley will be presenting at the 2019 HEDS Annual Conference in Asheville in June 2019. She recently presented at the 2019 AIR Forum in Denver in May 2019. More details can be found under Presentations & Publications.  

National Contributions

Kristin McKinley was invited to participate in an IPEDS Technical Review Panel in Washington, DC in June 2019.