Mission Statement

The Office of Research Administration (ORA) is responsible for collecting and analyzing institutional research data, facilitating and supporting research activities among members of the university community, and reporting and disseminating information useful for establishing policies and making decisions.

Specifically, ORA

  • conducts studies and provides information requested by administration, departments, faculty, staff, and student groups on topics relevant to the university
  • responds to requests from federal, state, and local agencies for data and statistical information on the university
  • participates in comparative, peer-institution studies
  • collaborates with administrative and academic units in designing research and preparing grants and contracts
  • informs the university community about results of studies through regularly published reports, summaries, and updates

Data Scene

Learning at Lawrence

Data, Data Everywhere

This session provided an overview of the Office of Research Administration, which compiles a wide variety of institutional data and information about Lawrence University. Kristin McKinley and Caitlin Weihing demonstrated how you can find answers to common questions on your own by accessing readily available resources.

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