Lawrence-Downer Legacy Circle Members

legacy annual report"Lawrence convinced me to look around, within, and through sentences. The professors and instructors here encouraged me to check for uncharted musical paths, and the students here helped me to not get too lost. My teachers helped me recognize how much more I had to learn, and that I could. I know this all sounds simple, but it's also absolutely everything.

I see Lawrence as engaged in a project of preserving some semblance of upward economic mobility. Along those lines, Lawrentians both within the university administration and without can have all the conversations and sessions we want, but at the end of the day, there are no magic words for Lawrence's leaders to say that will shower its students with the financial support they need. No, the money they need comes from alumni who, through whatever combination of work, privilege and circumstances, have resources to share. It's fundamental to the Lawrence ethos and crucial to its mission, I believe, that those who can give, do."

– Jonathan Hanrahan ’16

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