Music Tour with a Mission

The Conservatory of Music brings the Presto tour to Houston! Students and Faculty perform together and collaborate with community orgs, creating long-lasting connections through music.

Exploring Communication Through Opera

Twenty-one Lawrence students learned ASL for a unique performance of Leonard Bernstein’s Mass. Read More!

Be the Light!

Creating new opportunities for students to shine, we’re on a mission to spread our light far and wide. Learn More!

Giving Day Live Show

Our 5th Annual Giving Day featured a three-hour primetime live show and fantastic Game Changer giving challenges. Thanks to everyone who helped make this day truly remarkable!

Giving Day Goes Big

The 5th Annual Lawrence Giving Day went live on Wednesday, October 10!

The Presto Tour

Combining performance and outreach, students are encouraged to become socially-engaged entrepreneurs and challenge the status quo.

Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behavior

Hands-on research is essential to the psychology curriculum, whether on campus or in the community.

The Pitch

In Lawrence's Innovation & Entrepreneurship program, students develop revolutionary new ideas and compete for $40,000 in cash and startup assistance.

Happy Holidays!

This holiday season, we celebrate our rich musical community, and the spirit of collaboration that brings all Lawrentians together.


Exploring complex issues through music and movement.

Into the Streets

Explore Appleton through volunteerism!
Visit the Volunteer and Community Service Center to get involved. 



Giving Day Prep

October 11 featured the fourth annual Lawrence Giving Day. Thanks for helping make it an incredible success!

Reconnecting: Momodu Maligi '04

Maligi, Sierra Leone’s minister for water resources, regularly engages with Lawrence students and faculty, offering advice and ongoing support. 

Spiritual and Religious Life

The Center is a gathering place for curious, intentional, respectful engagement with persons of similar, different or no religious tradition. All individuals and groups are welcome.

Tough Questions

Well-meaning friends, acquaintances, and strangers can ask tough questions that recently admitted students might not be ready to answer yet. We're here to help.