Emotional Wellbeing Skills Group

Emotional Wellbeing Skills Group
2018 Fall Term, Week 2-Week9
Thursdays, time TBD

In this 8-week supportive, Mindfulness-based, educational group you will learn practical, empowering skills to better tolerate distress and manage intense emotions that often can cause problems in daily living and/or relationships. You can learn to lessen the intensity of your feeling, balance emotion with rational thinking, and effectively respond to distress. This group is structured as a class or workshop. Group time will be focused on teaching and practicing skills rather than on open discussion. Members’ problems will be seen as opportunities for learning and practicing skills.
For information or to schedule a registration appointment, contact Kate Bellingar, kaitlyn.m.bellingar@lawrence.edu, or Krystal Light, krystal.e.light@lawrence.edu.

Mindfulness Series

Mindfulness Series

2018 Fall
Meet for three weekly sessions to learn:
  • The benefits of being mindful
  • How to practice Mindfulness Meditation
  • Coping with barriers to mindfulness
  • Developing an ongoing mindfulness practice to improve self care

Registration required by September 21st.
Call Wellness Services at 920-832-6574 or email wellness@lawrence.edu to register.

Body Image Support Group

Sponsored & Facilitated by EVOLVE

Pre-Registration is Required

2018 Fall Term Week 3 - Week 10
Thursdays 5:30- 6:30pm

For further information or to register for group contact
Yoly Anderson at counseling@lawrence.edu or 920-832-6574

International Discussion Series

Week 2 -Week 9
Thursday at 4:45- 5:45 pm
At the International House
Everyone is Welcome!

Each session will cover the topic with a Q & A discussion to follow
•Have informal discussion about a variety of topics
•Make friends
•Build relationship
•Get support on common challenges
•Celebrate your strength and resilience
•Learn from each other

Week 2 – April 5
Unpacking reverse culture shock and return to Appleton
Week 3 – April 12
Managing Homesickness and loneliness
Week 4 – April 19
Academic Experiences
Week 5 – April 26
Cultural Identity and Cultural Adjustment
Week 6 - May 3
Self-care and Stress Management
Week 7- May 10
Traditions and Holidays
Week 8 – May 17
Career, job and Immigration Stress
Week 9 – May 24
Managing Home and family

Grief Support

2018 Lawrence University Student Grief Support
Wednesdays at 8 am (starting 9/12/18)
Sabin House Community Room
(light breakfast provided)
Student Grief Support
Are you feeling isolated as you grieve?
Have you experienced the death of someone important to you? 
Are you having difficulty navigating your own, unique grief experience?


Join for:
Support and Listening

People of Color EMPOWERMENT Circle

This is a space for students of color to connect and build community on campus. The purpose is to allow healing and foster empowerment. This discussion-based series is meant to celebrate and explore identities while strengthening skills necessary to thrive at Lawrence University.

2018 Fall Term Dates and Times

September 27th 11am-12pm
Topic: Microaggressions and strategies to cope
October 18th 11am-12pm
Topic: Transitions as roles shift and change from adult to child and back
Location Memorial 106

For more information, please contact:
Katie Huskey - katie.huskey@lawrence.edu
Krystal Light - Krystal.e.light@lawrence.edu

Understanding Self & Others

Trouble making friends?
Are relationships hard to develop?
Feeling lonely or sad?
Suffering from anxiety?
Disconnected from others?
Worried about how others perceive you?
Struggling with self- esteem?
Difficulty asking for help?

If you answered YES to any of these...
Understanding Self & Others is for you.

Spring Term
4/3/18 - 5/22/18
Tuesday 4:30 - 6pm

For information or to schedule a registration appointment, contact
Yoly Anderson with Wellness Services
counseling@lawrence.edu or (920) 832-6574

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